Conference Speakers

Armando Brunetti
Executive Vice-President, Camfil Americas

Who Are Our Customers and What Do They Really Need? A Camfil View of Filtration Media Requirements of the Future
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Jack Clements
Consultant, SF Air Filtration

Pleated Filter Media as a Direct Replacement for Filter Bags
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Steven Dulin
Application Engineer, GE Water and Process Technologies

A Novel Application for Pleated Cartridge Filters with Nonwoven Media
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Matt Gessner
Application Engineer, W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. Filtration Technologies

Media & Laboratory Tests for Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filters
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Brad Kalil
Director Of Market Research And Statistics, INDA, Association Of The Nonwoven Fabrics Industry

The State of the North American Filtration Market
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Hyun Lim, Ph.D.
Technical Fellow, DuPont, Inc.

High Flux Tyvek® for Filtration
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Fred Lybrand
President, Americas, ELMARCO, Inc.

Nanofibers in Filtration: Beyond F9, Beyond MERV 15, Beyond Surface-Load and Pulsing
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Bruce McDonald
Principal, Bruce McDonald Consulting LLC

PM-Based Filter Efficiencies and Ratings
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David Pui, Ph.D.
Distinguished McKnight University Professor, University of Minnesota

Filter Loading by PM2.5 and Bimodal Aerosols
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Andreas Scope
Manager Research & Development Cabin Air Filters, MANN+HUMMEL Innenraumfilter GmbH & Co. KG

New Developments and Future Requirements in Cabin Air Filtration
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McLeod Stephens, Jr.
Sales Manager-Gas Turbine Aftermarket, Nederman LLC

Nonwoven Media Approaches for Air Inlet Filtration on Gas Turbines
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Christine Sun, Ph.D.,
Principal, Filtration Technologies International
Filter Media Training Course
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