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VP Engineering, PTI Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Suri is Sr. VP of Engineering with responsibility for design group (module & element), R&D, Sustain Engineering and Engineering Test Lab. He also worked in operations and was responsible for Element & Aero module assemblies, Planning (MRP), Machine shop, Manufacturing engineering, Supply chain management, Budgeting, Capital planning and Facilities. He has over thirty five years of experience in the filtration industry working in different positions. He has helped technical committees in developing several industrial standards and given technical papers on filtrations. He holds several US patents in the field of hydraulic filtration and pressure sensing devices. He holds a MS and is a company DER assigned by FAA

Tuesday 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Pure Need

Pure Science: Hydraulic Contamination in Helicopters

Particulate contamination is one of the sources of failure in an aircraft helicopter hydraulic system which may result in high risks, both in human life and financial cost if failure occurs during mission critical flight conditions. Fortunately, contamination induced failures can be minimized if appropriate contamination control strategies are applied during design and maintenance activities. This paper reveals improved contamination control design that was introduced by PTI, working with the U.S. Army to improve performance and reduce maintenance cost of helicopters thereby improving aircraft reliability and safety.