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Director Of Marketing -Filtration, Lydall, Inc.

Geoff Crosby is the Global Director of Marketing, Filtration for Lydall Performance Materials, Inc.

Mr. Crosby has over 25 years' experience in global product development, sales and marketing for filtration in water and air, as well as fluid temperature control, across industries including Power Generation, Semiconductor Fabrication, Medical Devices, Building Products, and the Military Industry.

He is active in both ASHRAE and ISO organizations, currently serving on ASHRAE technical committees TC 2.4, and TC 5.4, and as chairman of ASHRAE GPC35, Method for Determining the Energy Consumption Caused by Air-Cleaning and Filtration Devices. He is also working with ISO on both General Ventilation and Sustainability.

Tuesday 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Approaches to Measuring Air Filter Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency and Air Filtration: A Roadmap for the Future

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Global energy production and consumption are ever increasing. World net electricity generation alone will increase from 21.6 trillion kilowatt hours in 2012 to 36.5 trillion kilowatt hours in 2040. The use of air filtration continues to expand for the protection of both people and equipment, which in turn requires more energy. Do we have the methodologies to assess the energy consumption caused by these filters? Our industry is increasingly complex, but we will discuss a roadmap to measuring and improving energy efficiency in air filtration.