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President & CEO, AAF Flanders

Phil Whitaker joined AAF International as CEO in 2015. Mr. Whitaker has more than 25 years of global HVACR experience, including over 15 years with Camfil where he drove significant growth while serving as President of Asia and the Middle East. In addition to rapidly revitalizing the market positioning of AAF during his first year, he recently led the acquisition of well-known Flanders Corp., a leading HVAC, HEPA filter, and Containment Equipment manufacturing firm. Under his leadership, the combined company has been rebranded as AAF Flanders here in the United States and forms the largest filtration company of its kind, both domestically and internationally. Phil is a growth driven, visionary leader with a keen ability to anticipate trends and ensure that his organizations are well positioned to capitalize accordingly.

Tuesday 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm
Keynote Luncheon

Why the Filter Industry is Suddenly So Attractive - A Look at What's Driving Recent M&A Activity

There has been an upswing of M&A activity involving filtration-related companies over the last few years and indications are it is continuing. We are seeing not only consolidation moves, but also players outside of this space making moves into this space. Why has the filtration sector become so attractive to M&A players, and what performance metrics should current filtration companies focus on to enhance their value? Phil Whitaker, Phil Whitaker, CEO of AAF, will discuss the some of the industry's undercurrents and how those have translated into some of the filter industry's largest acquisitions to date.