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Senior R&D Manager Filtration Products, Sandler AG

Lorenz Summa has been employed at Sandler for 10 years. Having completed his studies of material science, he joined Sandler AG in 2006. Working in the company's R&D department, he initially focused on nonwovens for automotive applications, before specialising in the development of nonwovens for the filtration industry, particularly HVAC applications.

Tuesday 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Latest Developments in Media Design

Energy Efficiency in HVAC Filtration - Developing Nonwoven Filter Media Further

Energy efficiency is a new performance indicator for filter media and shapes current classification standards and development in the industry. Development focusses on achieving high filtration performance at low energy consumption.

The new norm ISO 16890 takes a practical approach to filter media testing, introducing a new classification system for all air filters for general ventilation. With regard to the requirements of this new standard, the filter medium's structure and dust separation behaviour are the focus in optimising synthetic HVAC pocket filter media.

In implementing a holistic approach to product development, achieving the necessary filtration performance at low energy consumption also involves optimising the behaviour of the finished pocket filter during use in the filtration plant. The geometry of the filter pockets has to be adapted to achieve optimum results in the respective application. New synthetic filter media are designed to support this adaptation.