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President, SecureAire, Inc.

Frank brings more than 25 years of international management experience to the SecureAire executive team. Most recently, he was Director of Business Development for StrionAir, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Carrier Corporation a United Technologies Company (NYSE, UTX). Prior to its acquisition, StrionAir was a Venture Capital backed startup, which was turned around by the executive team. Prior to StrionAir, Frank was Vice President of Business Development for Willis Group Holdings (NYSE, WSH) in New York City. Frank also spent 16 years with Pall Corporation (NYSE, PLL), culminating as Senior Vice President of New Business Development and Strategic Marketing. In his sales and marketing efforts, he developed multiple new markets and product lines for the company, growing businesses from zero to as much as $200 million. He has turn-around experience, and has worked extensively in Europe and Asia. Frank holds an MBA in Finance from Hofstra University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University.

Tuesday 10:05 am - 11:00 am
IIoT Developments in Filtration

Can the Filtration Industry Gain from the Advancement of the Internet of Things?

Physical "working" objects are increasingly becoming embedded with sensors and are gaining the ability to communicate. These new "information networks" promise to create new business models, improve business processes, and reduce costs and risks. As within most organizations, this information travels along familiar routes, with proprietary information being logged into databases and further analyzed in reports to then rises up through the company's management chain. Information also originates externally-gathered from public sources, harvested from the Internet, or purchased from information suppliers. However, the predictable pathway of information is changing: the physical world itself is becoming a type of information system. In what's called the Internet of Things, sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects, from roadways to pacemakers, are linked through wired and wireless networks, often using the same Internet Protocol (IP) that connects the Internet. In today's healthcare environment, governmental agencies, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), insurers, employers and other payers are requiring Value-Based Care. SecureAire is looking to utilize a fraction of this data in critical environments, primarily focused on the reducing airborne transmission of disease in our Healthcare System. How will this impact the Filtration Industry? How are our companies preparing to assess the effects of this information "Super Highway"? What will the filtration industry look like just 20 years from today? Presentation Objectives:

  1. Explore the relationship between the Internet, Filtration Technologies, and their application in critical environments.
  2. Review the current Internet application categories and how they fit in with Filtration.
  3. Describe SecureAire's method for applying the IoT in controlling IAQ in critical environments.
  4. Provocative thoughts on the future of the Filtration Industry with IoT.