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Director, Business Development Nonwovens NA, Henkel Corporation

John Howell is the Business Development Director for Henkel Adhesives' North American Hygiene Business Unit.  A chemical engineer, John has over 33 years of industrial experience including management, technical sales, marketing, training, and chemical production support.  He has worked with nonwoven disposable applications since 1996, previously with The Dow Chemical Company and Hercules Inc.

Thursday 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Material & Technology Advancements, Continued

Holistic Laboratory Evaluation of New Materials and Technologies: Reducing Product Development Costs Related to Production Line Trials and Consumer Panels

New thinner and more flexible materials used in manufacturing nonwoven disposable products present product development challenges in predicting final use experience by consumers. Increasing production line speeds and new conversion technologies also add complexities and unknowns. As a result, manufacturers are faced with increased demand for production line trials of new materials and technologies. Line time and opportunity cost increases are further exacerbated by burgeoning consumer panel testing.

Enhanced laboratory and process testing capabilities are required to meet these new material and technology challenges. This paper outlines a holistic laboratory process for assessing final cost in use and consumer experience by effective simulation of current conversion processes. Factors include process & substrate information, cutting edge analytical tools, high speed laboratory simulation, process-ability characterizations, odor & aesthetic evaluation, and cost analysis.