Van Ingelgem » » » Werner Van Ingelgem

Innovation & Procurement Director, Drylock Technologies

Wednesday 10:45 am - 11:45 am
Achieving Thin, Continued

Fluffless Cores: The Way Forward (Stories from the Real World)

As products are getting thinner and thinner and fluff is being removed from absorbent products cores, it is only a logical next step to evolve in the direction of completely fluffless products. These products do not only exhibit an obvious key marketing advantage in the field of preservation of nature (no trees need to be cut) but allow product designers to produce thin, comfortable and flexible products to an extent never seen before.

Drylock Technologies is the first company to make a successful commercial launch of a completely fluffless baby diaper and has recently launched a full range of adult inco products. These adult inco products are, depending on type, size and application, either completely fluffless or of an equally innovative "low fluff" version. Due to the different constraints posed by the various product designs, different fluffless technologies are being applied. It would be the objective of the presentation to give an overview of those different technologies, including their benefits and commercial success.