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V.P. Product Development & Senior Engineer, Rem Brands, Inc.

Laura earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering over 20 years ago from the University of Cincinnati and brings a rich background in research and development across many chemical technologies to Rem Brands, Inc.  Prior to this new role, she worked for Dow Chemical and Procter & Gamble in a variety of challenging product development assignments.  While working in product design and consumer research at P&G, Laura was awarded over five granted patents (Laura Spalding Van Rijswijck) as inventor/co-inventor. 

Coupled with her engineering experience, she also has 10 years of business sales experience.  Her enthusiasm and passion for science has been experienced not only by her product development team delivering meaningful and successful consumer products; but also, by instructing middle school students in her interactive hands-on Rollercoaster Physics and Engineering Class in the ExploreMore/Leaders Launchpad program.  She has also taught for Science Matters in America and presented at Dreamfest at Northern Kentucky University. 

Laura has been seen by millions of viewers on the Home Shopping Network in 2015 as the spokesperson for the ODOGard and Whisper brands of odor and stain eliminating products.  With her intimate familiarity with these products, not only as a developer of these types of technologies, but also as a mother of five children, Laura brings her vast technical skills to help HSN viewers see firsthand how to use these products to combat a variety of the most common household odors and stains. 

Thursday 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Material & Technology Advancements

Odor Elimination via Molecular Modification Enhances Quality of Life for All Ages

The industry has long been searching for the answer to true odor control within its products that is efficacious, aesthetically appealing, and effective for the duration of the product_s life (i.e. pre-use, in-use, and post-use). Rem Brand_s patented ODOGard® technology quickly and permanently eliminates odors by bonding to odor molecules without the need of any fragrance or masking agents. The proprietary technology delivers superior and measurable results and is safe around people and pets. Recent success has shown significant odor reduction in three major areas; materials of construction, during the use of the product and after use with regard to a platform of absorbent products for both people and pets. The efficacy of the patented ODOGard® technology gives confidence to users of such products and their family and friends that odor will not get in the way of their quality of life. This presentation will discuss the unique chemistry, specific results and the use of ODOGard® odor elimination technology across several product categories and markets.