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President, Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation

Douglas B. Brown, President of Biax-Fiberfilm, has served within the non-woven industry for the past 27 years.  Doug has many accomplishments in  the non-woven industry. He has been with the company from the design, manufacturing and process expertise of meltblown/spun-blown® systems, to Biax Microspan stretching which is commonly referred to as "ring rolling".  He holds four issued patents and seven pending in the field of nonwoven science and technology. Doug's drive and determination, coupled with his extensive research and development, have led Biax-Fiberfilm to become a recognized supplier for the non-woven industry throughout the world.  Doug was chosen to serve on the Board of Directors for INDA in 2008 and continues to serve on various committees associated with the INDA organization. Doug also uses the speed required in making fibers during land speed events at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover Utah as a hobby.    

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