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Senior Global Product Manager, Tredegar Corporation

Matthew O'Sickey, Ph.D., is currently the Sr. Global Product Manager within the marketing and business development group at Tredegar Film Products.  During his 15 years with Tredegar Film Products, he has also served as Director of Research and Development – Consumer Care, Global Marketing Manager – Hygiene, Global Elastic Product Team Leader; Upstream Sr. Development Engineer and Technical Center Manager; and Upstream Development Engineer and Upstream Lab Manager.  Mr. O'Sickey holds a deeply rooted belief that innovation is the result of the intersection of marketing and technology and this is reflected in his career path encompassing both disciplines.  Mr. O'Sickey's current responsibilities include leading assessment of market needs, developing the strategies for R&D, commercialization, and lifecycle management of elastic products for hygiene and consumer care product segments.  Mr. O'Sickey also has significant time spent in support of the acquisition distribution layer category.

Prior to joining Tredegar, he was Quality and Logistics Coordinator for Whirlpool Corporation from 1992-1994.  He has a Doctors of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Engineering Administration in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University.  Throughout his academic career, his studies and research have focused on environmental engineering of soil and air and on physical chemistry and material science of polymers and elastomers.  His doctoral research was heavily focused on improving performance of and enhancing processing and performance robustness of polyurethanes and spandex filaments. 

Wednesday 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Fit & Form, Continued

Advances in Adult Incontinent Pant User Experience

There is clear preference by users of adult incontinence pants for a less intrusive experience and overall for products that more closely reflect the wearing experience of conventional underwear. This paper will review technology and options for enhancing user experience for fit, dryness, discreetness, and overall comfort. Particular focus will be given to options for providing elasticized textile-like fabrics, sleeker, product breathability, enhanced dryness, and thinner, more garment-like product constructions.