RISE Conference October 3-6 2011

RISE Durable Products Award

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The first ever RISE Durable Product Award will be presented to a durable product using nonwoven fabric and technology that is commercially available and utilized in the consumer or industrial marketplace. Various categories such as raw materials, roll goods, converting, packaging, active ingredients, binders, additives and end products will be considered for nominations. Finalists will present their innovations to the industry at RISE 2011. The winner will be selected by RISE attendees and announced on the morning of October 5, 2011.


UntraTouch Demin1. UltraTouch Denim Insulation, from Bonded Logic, Inc. Commonly referred to as “bluejean insulation,” UltraTouch is comprised of post-consumer recycled cotton fibers, sourced from denim. These fibers allow for improved thermal as well as acoustical performance over traditional insulations, with R values of R8 to R30.

Intermedius SBS2. Soft Binding Sole (SBS),  from Intermedius. The SBS-binding sole is a multilayer ESD-conductive sandwich laminate made from two polyester needlepunched felt layers. The top layer is printed with a logo and the bottom part is treated with a heat resistance treatment, which allows the usage of hot tools in the lasting process. Both layers are made with polyester, bi-component and conductive fibers.

Pig Grippy Mat3. PIG® Grippy® Mat, from New Pig Corporation. Grippy Mat is an absorbent mat that reduces slip and trip hazards around workstations, walkways and machinery while helping prevent liquid from being tracked throughout the plant. Eight layers of fine-fiber polypropylene absorb and retain leaks, drips and overspray of oils, coolants, solvents and water to keep liquids from being tracked around and the poly backing creates an additional barrier to stop absorbed liquids from passing through to floors.

Norafin Komanda4.  Norafin Komanda, from Norafin (Americas), Inc. Norafin Komanda is a range of custom engineered durable spunlace materials that offer an alternative to traditional textiles in the protective apparel market. End uses of the fabric include military uniforms, industrial FR workwear, arc-flash protective clothing, flash fire workwear and specialty non-FR apparel.

RKW Aptra Elements5. Aptra® Elements, from RKW US, Inc. Aptra Elements is a metallic, highly reflective, breathable, air barrier membrane made of waterproof, UV-stabilized polypropylene and nonwoven. The material maintains strength and flexibility without metal surface rub-off or oxidation and can be used for multiple uses within the building, architecture, construction, marine, tent and upholstery industries.