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WOW 2014 Conference Schedule

Monday, June 2
5:30pm - 6:30pm

First Time Attendee Reception

Wacker logoRenaissance Depot Hotel in the Charles Frost room.
Sponsored by Wacker.

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Welcome Reception

Kicking off WOW 2014 will be a complimentary reception held on Monday, June 2nd. (RSVP required.)

Mill City Museum
704 South 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN
It is within easy walking distance (about 5 blocks) to the hotel.   

Kimberly ClarkThank you to Kimberly-Clark Professional* Partnership Products for sponsoring the reception along with INDA! The Welcome Reception is a great way to connect and interact with fellow attendees in an informal atmosphere .

Tuesday, June 3
9:30am – 11:00am


Moderator: Dave Deising, Director of Product Management, Rockline Industries

GreenBartschOreganSustainability Roundtable

Progress to create sustainable and "greener" fibers for use in wipe applications has come a long way. Learn what advances have taken place over the last year to provide your products with an even greener shine.

  • Cotton – Jan O'Regan, Director, Strategic Initiatives, Cotton Incorporated
  • Synthetic cellulosic fibers (rayon and lyocell) – Peter Bartsch, Prototyping & Sustainability Manager, Lenzing AG
  • PLA – Robert Green, Director of Fibers & Nonwovens, Natureworks LLC

SpeakerWIPES 101 – A Look at Things to Come

Rob Johnson, Principal, Smith, Johnson & Associates

Learn the essence of wipes. Attend this session and take away a glimpse of the (12 module) 2-day short course on the wipes market. From raw materials to converting, wet and dry wipes, medical, industrial and consumer wipes, Rob Johnson shares an overview of the new course intended for new hires and those who would like a better understanding of the entire wipe value chain. The full course will answer the questions--why are specific fibers, processes, used…and how are they used to produce a favorable product.

11:00am – 1:00pm

(on your own)

1:00pm – 5:00pm


Moderator: Brad Kalil, Director of Market Research and Statistics, INDA

KalilThe North American Nonwovens and Wipes Markets

Brad Kalil, Director of Market Research & Statistics, INDA

How does the Wipes Market compare to the Overall Nonwovens Market? What are the recent market and product developments? What is this "Echo Boom" and what does it have to do with wipes? What impact will the Wiper Rule have on the Industrial Wipes Market? What is the forecasted growth of wipes market? These answers and more will be provided as Brad shares from the INDA data vault.

Coffee & Networking
1:30pm – 2:00pm

KalilWipe Your Tears Away: Washington Isn't Completely Dysfunctional

Jessica Franken, Director of Government Affairs, INDA

Although it seems all you ever hear about government is showdowns and shutdowns, the dysfunction in our nation's capital isn't derailing all policy activity in Washington, DC. Come hear INDA's very own Director of Government Affairs Jessica Franken talk about pending chemicals reform, the Environmental Protection Agency's recently finalized Industrial Wiper rule, the Food and Drug Administration's interest in antiseptic wipes, the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill, and other simmering Washington policy measures that stand to affect the wipes industry. 

speakerCreating Exceptional Customer Experiences in a Participatory World

Deborah SchultzFounder, DRS Solutions

This presentation integrates the current forces of social media, big data, open innovation and design thinking to spark successful experiences for the connected consumer. In a new age no longer defined by mass production of goods and services, but rather by a greater emphasis on societal and community needs, we have been transitioning from traditional command and control hierarchies into a networked, participatory world.

In this increasingly connected environment, we need a new set of skills to create customer experiences that excite, engage and catalyze users. If information and data themselves are commodities, we must learn how to engage our customers in new ways. Innovative products and services cannot be developed behind closed doors anymore--they require an inclusive, collaborative approach.
Some of the questions covered include:

  • Big Data: How can new methods of visualizing data provide greater insight for customers and potentially new business models and services?
  • Personalization & Customization: What does a customized product look like? What are the new technologies, challenges and opportunities for delivering a personal experience?
  • Framework of Design Thinking: How to approach designing products and services with a holistic, process and service driven model in a competitive, innovative way.
  • Participatory World: What does it mean to develop experiences in a world where customers are participating and the line between company and customer is not as obvious as it once was.

Coffee & Networking
3:00pm – 3:30pm

SpeakerWhy Compliance on Its Own Is Not Enough – Working With the U.S. and U.K. Retailers

Matt Clegg, Commercial Manager- UK Retail, Rockline Industries

Retail and consumers are constantly evolving and retailers require the entire supply chain to look beyond just compliance. This presentation looks at:

  • The changing face of UK & US retail
  • Regaining consumers and retailers trust
  • How these challenges effect our industry


RileyBrand Your Wipes, Dude

Sean Riley, CED, Dude Products, Inc.

Since taking home the 2013 Visionary Award™, Dude Products has collected countless amounts of data and end-user feedback about the adult personal wipe market. After Dude Wipes successfully inundated the market competition, imitators and challengers were close to follow. Riley will discuss:

  • Dude Product's branding strategies to remain authentic and relevant to Generation Y
  • Changing behaviors through interaction, humor and creativity
  • Evolving wipe product offerings to build a more powerful brand


PrangEthnography: What It Is and How Can It Help the Wipes Industry Grow

Greg Prang, Director of Global Insights, The Hartmann Group

This presentation will explore how ethnography can create deeper understanding and uncover new opportunities by capturing a more holistic view of the way in which nonwoven fabrics fit into consumers' daily lives and how new uses can be found.

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Table-top Displays & Reception

Business opportunities await you at the table-top exhibit display and informal receptions Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

A WOW table-top display has proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to hundreds of key decision-makers in one place at one time to promote your products. For details, contact Misty Ayers at 919-233-1210, ext. 112, A limited number of table-tops are available, so please reserve your space as soon as possible.

Wednesday, June 4
8:00am – 11:00am

SantoleriWET, DRY & HAIs

Moderator: Nick Santoleri, Vice-President of Operations, Rockline Industries

The Industrial Wiping Market

LuettgenChris Luettgen, Senior Research and Engineering Manager, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Growth in the industrial wiper market has lagged a bit behind the consumer wipe market because of regulatory issues (e.g., "wiper rule"). With the EPA leveling the playing field for industrial wipes, there are opportunities for growth.  Luettgen will share a number of short- and long-term predations on future key influences, trends and disruptors in the category of industrial dry wipers. 

PerlmanThe Technical A, B, C's of Wet Wipes (aka What Every Store Brand Retailer Needs to Know)

Alan Perlman, Chief Architect – Retail and Consumer Brands, NSF International

Wet wipes are the embodiment of convenience for consumers. They come in a vast array including:

  • Product types (baby; moist toilet; facial; antibacterial; disinfectant; incontinent; furniture polishing; glass cleaning; floor scrubbing; automotive; among others)
  • Regulatory classifications (OTC drug; Cosmetic; Medical Device; EPA; CPSC)
  • Substrate types (airlaid; spunlace; bicomponent; hydrospun; wetlaid; among others)
  • Package formats (tub; canister; individual sachets; refills (single wrap; zipper bags; with reclosable lid; club box; as a few examples)
  • Product claims (flushable; compostable; organic; green/environmentally friendly/biodegradable; and more)

Wet wipes are a "smorgasbord" of possibilities, however; product claims dictate what regulatory route must be taken and then guide the process. Proper product and claims substantiation testing along with detailed product specifications will ensure delivering to the store brand retailers and their consumers, the RIGHT products! This presentation will define the "rules of the game" and provide insight into the veracity of the claims.

SiegertRegulation 1223/2009 EC On Cosmetic Products – New Legal Demands for Production of Wet Wipes

Wolfgang Siegert, Technical Support Manager International, Schülke & Mayr GmbH

Regulation 1223/2009 EC on cosmetic products come into force on 11 July 2013. It requires: "To ensure their safety, cosmetic products placed on the market should be produced according to good manufacturing practice." Published in the Official Journal of the European Union in April 2011 the ISO 22716 "Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices" are prescribed by law. The requirements of ISO 22716, with special attention to good product hygiene, are demonstrated for the production of wet wipes. Examples of proper hygienic design and adequate hygiene measures, as well as a raw material and finished product assessment according ISO 29621 (Cosmetics - Microbiology - Guidelines for the risk assessment and identification of microbiologically low-risk products) will be presented. Examples of the use of hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP), a systematic preventive approach to safeguard microbiological faultless quality, completes the microbiological quality management (MQM) concept.

Coffee & Networking
9:30am – 10:00am

StansburyWipes - Playing a Critical Role in Food Service Cleanup

Susan Stansbury, CEO and Consultant, Right Angle Concepts

There is a real need to better understand the techniques, materials, additives and standards for food service cleaning and sanitizing. Beginning with definitions for clean, sanitized and other terms, the challenges for wipes suppliers to the industry are unraveled in this presentation by long-time industry insider, Susan Stansbury. You will find answers to the questions "Why do different restaurant chains use different methods?" and "How do wet and dry wipes play into this marketplace?"

An overview of regulatory/standards also includes FDA, EPA and industry certifying and auditing experts such as NSF, SQF, FSSC and GFSI. Also on hand during the question-answer portion will be Alan Perlman of NSF.

GarrettThe State of the Union with Healthcare Associated and Community Acquired Infections: A Tale of Antimicrobial Resistance

Hudson Garrett Jr., Ph.D., MSN, MPH, FNP-BC, CSRN, VA-BC, DON-CLTC, C-NAC, Vice President - Clinical Affairs, PDI and Nice-Pak

• Discuss the role of antimicrobial resistance and its impact on healthcare communities
• Review the transition of microbes across the continuum of life from infancy to death
• Discuss basic personal and community prevention strategies

11:00am – 12:00pm

WOW Innovation Award Presentations

Emcee: Steve Ogle, Technical Director, INDA

Four products from the wipe value chain were selected by INDA's Technical Advisory Board (TAB) as unique, marketable and innovative. Learn more about the finalists and cast your vote for the most innovative product.


Andritz Miniwax Nice-Pak Serton
Flushable Substrate Patterning Process,
MINWAX® Wood Finishing Cloths, 
Pacon Manufacturing Corp.
Nice-Pak Moist Flushable Wipe,
Nice-Pak Products, Inc.
Sertun™ Rechargeable Sanitizer Indicator Towel,
ITW Professional Brands
12:00pm – 2:00pm

(on your own)

2:00pm – 5:30pm


Moderators: Rob Johnson, Principal, Smith, Johnson & Associates and Jan O'Regan, Director-Strategic Initiatives, Cotton Incorporated

OgleINDA's Product Stewardship Focus on Flushability

Steve Ogle, Technical Director, INDA

Flushability is a rather controversial issue these days. Wastewater treatment professionals around the world regard nonwoven wipes (particularly those labeled as flushable) as the cause of clogged sewage pumps and sanitary sewerage overflows. INDA and the nonwovens industry strive to be good stewards and address the issue through the Flushability Guidelines Edition 3 and a Code of Practice. During this presentation Ogle will inform you about our latest efforts. He will discuss the ongoing projects/programs designed to resolve many of the issues including; consumer education, newly launched INDA/WWT joint technical committees to align the differences around this topic and our latest efforts to bring truth to the negative media campaign around flushable wipes clogging pipes. If you are a component supplier, converter or have an interest in the flushable wipe market you'll want to hear this update.

FinleyAt First Flush:  Collaborating to Protect our Sewers, Starting with Wipes

Cynthia Finley, Director-Regulatory Affairs, National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA)

Many types of non-dispersible products are flushed into sewer systems, causing clogs in pipes, pumps, and other equipment.  Municipal wastewater utilities are spending millions of dollars to clean these products out of their equipment and to replace parts.  To avoid this unnecessary expense and protect the environment, improved consumer education and outreach are needed.  Wastewater utilities have been working with INDA on better flushability standards and product labeling for wipes, and this collaboration can serve as a model for all types of products that may be inappropriately flushed.  

GuardNew Sewer Debris Removal Technologies – Take a Trip with the Muffin Monster

Greg Guard, Senior VP-Sewage Grinders, JWC Environmental

This presentation addresses:

  • Pump station shredders in channel and inline
  • Pump station screening devices
  • Our view of infrastructure funding
  • Soccer balls, alligators, polar bears, muffins and fatbergs – learning the sewer lingo.
  • Our R&D efforts to build even better grinders


Coffee & Networking
3:30pm – 4:00pm

WeigertNew Flushable Wipe Technology from Trützschler & Voith

Thomas Weigert, Application Technologist, American Trützschler Inc. and Kai Poehler, Senior Application Manager, Voith Paper, GmbH & Co. KG

Voith Paper and Trützschler Nonwovens reached an important milestone: a nonwovens fabric jointly developed successfully passed the official INDA and EDANA 3rd edition tests of flushability.
Wipes must be strong enough for cleaning; yet not pollute the sewage system or the environment after disposal. The presentation addresses how they produce wet laid and hydroentangled nonwovens consisting of natural origin fibers that quickly disperse in water, and are 100% biodegradable.

In August 2013, the American and European Nonwovens Associations INDA und EDANA published the third edition of the flushability guidelines. The "Guidelines for Assessing the Flushability of Disposable Nonwoven Products", developed in cooperation with waste water authorities and the nonwovens industry they specify seven material tests, thus establishing standardized measurement methods.
For being marketed as "flushable", a product must pass all the tests; including flushability and dispersement of the nonwoven product into single fibers, as well as degradation by means of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

NunnNew Approaches in "Flushable" Binder Technology

Maureen Nunn, Senior Technical Service Scientist, The Dow Chemical Company

Despite challenging economic times, one area nonwovens producer continues to place innovation resources in the development of disposable and flushable wipes products. In North America, this market area is projected for future growth. The North American wastewater treatment industry has ongoing concerns about the introduction of wipes products into municipal waste streams. INDA continues to work with government, wastewater treatment representatives, and nonwoven suppliers and converters on public awareness and its third edition of flushability standards.

To sustain this projected growth in wipes and maintain the balance of municipal wastewater treatment industry concerns and develop industry standards for wipes there continues to be a need for innovative solutions for flushable wipes technology. One area of innovation is the introduction of new binder technology for wipes. This presentation will describe advances in the development of "flushable" binder technology, testing and methods of applications.

MuvundaminaReview of Binders for Flushable Wet Wipes

Mutombo Muvundamina, Ph.D., Research Scientist, H.B. Fuller Company

Numerous municipalities are alarmed by the high frequency of the clogging of wastewater conveyance systems and damages to pumps in their wastewater treatment facilities. Examinations of the causes of the blockage and damages to equipment point to wipes that are introduced into the wastewater stream as one of the main reasons for damage. Fibers and binders are the major components of the wipes and this presentation will discuss binders used in flushable wipes.

5:30 pm –7:30 pm

Table-top Displays & Reception

7:30pm -


Space is limited to the first 42 people. $60 Registration Fee

Dining with an authority in the world of wipes provides an opportunity for WOW attendees to meet with industry opinion leaders from select areas of the wipes value chain. Learn about what is trending, fading and on the horizon. Learn what these decision makers are currently watching, buying or simply interested in learning more about. Enjoy dinner with an industry thought leader at a table of eight.

Confirmed Hosts:Industry Dinner

  • Lorraine Crosbie, Sales & Marketing Director, Rockline Industries
  • Carl Cucuzza, President, Teknoweb NA
  • Tom Flicker, Principal Product Engineer PD&D for Up&Up , Target Corp.
  • Dave Kessenich, PD Manager, Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC)
  • Kathy Walters, Executive Vice President-Consumer Products, Georgia Pacific
  • Bill Hoffman, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, UL Laboratories
  • Jeff Hurley, Vice President, Nonwovens, Nice-Pak
Thursday, June 5
8:00 am – 8:30 am

NetworkBASFMake your next business introduction over breakfast. Start your day with a hot breakfast buffet and meet your next customer the last day of WOW. Sponsored by BASF

8:00am – 11:00am

CasstevensTECH SPECS

Moderator: Ginny Casstevens, Vice President Sales and Business Development, Jacob Holm Industries (America) Inc.

PlotzMethods & Trends for Coloring Nonwovens

Chris Plotz, Business Development Manager, ITW Professional Brands

Learn about the processes for coloring nonwovens with a variety of fabrics, types and compositions. While Nonwoven configurations are the primary focus, this presentation includes comparisons and contrasts with more diverse processes used in woven and knitted textiles as well as similarities to paper coloration. Other topics covered are the application of pigments; colors with latex binders, dyeing of polyester webs with disperse dyes and printing.

Another component of this presentation will address the current applications of colored and non-colored nonwovens. How are many industries marketing and why? What does the future hold for functional coloration or "smart nonwovens"? What is the future and what could be the future of colored nonwovens?

HinchliffeQuaternary Ammonium Disinfecting Solutions Optimized For Use With Cotton-containing Nonwoven Disposable Wipes

Doug J. Hinchliffe, Ph.D., Research Scientist, ARS-USDA, Southern Regional Research Center

An optimal response surface statistical model was used to determine the ideal composition and concentration of quaternary ammonium salt (quats) disinfecting solutions that would reduce or eliminate quats depletion from solutions in the presence of cellulosic-based nonwoven sanitary wipes.  Previous studies indicated that 100% greige cotton had the greatest depletion effect on depleting quats from solution, followed by rayon and scoured and bleached cotton.  Nonwoven wipes used in this study consisted of 100% greige cotton, 100% polyester, and blends of greige cotton / polyester and scoured and bleached cotton / polyester.  The quaternary ammonium salt used in the study was alkyl-dimethyl-benzyl ammonium chloride (ADBAC) which was maintained at a constant concentration in all solutions.  Added compounds previously shown to minimize quats depletion were potassium salt, nonionic surfactants, and small quats.  A polysaccharide previously shown to increase the critical micelle concentration of ADBAC was also included in the study.  Optimized quats solutions were combined with cotton-containing and other cellulosic and non-cellulosic nonwoven sanitary wipes and presented for efficacy testing against representative gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria used in the registration of medical grade disinfectants.

PetersenFinding Sustainability Opportunities along the Product Value Chain – A Systematic Approach

Denise Petersen, Sustainability Manager - Care Chemicals & Formulation Technologies North America, BASF

With retailers making significant sustainability commitments, advocacy groups targeting consumer products in their campaigns and manufacturers responding to quickly changing market demands, the need to collaborate and engage the supply chain in meeting sustainability goals has never been greater.  This presentation will review some of the most significant sustainability challenges, the opportunities that lie in engaging the supply chain and the benefits of a collaborative effort.

HoffmanFirst-Ever ECOLOGO® Certification Gives Wipers the Edge

Bill Hoffman, Senior Scientist, UL Environment

Commercial and consumer wipes are no longer what they used to be. Today's manufacturers are producing woven and non-woven wipers that make use of recycled materials, emit less waste into water and divert it from landfills, and avoid or reduce the use of harmful toxicants. End users and professional purchasers are searching for more sustainable wipers that reduce their impacts on the environment and human health. Their growing demand is exerting pressure on the supply chain and calling for solutions. UL Environment's ECOLOGO Certification will present their solution.

In this presentation, Hoffman will introduce audience members to single- and multi-attribute eco-labels and the three types of environmental certification (Type I, II, and III) as defined by ISO 14024. Participants will learn about the recently launched, first-ever ECOLOGO Standard for Disposable Wipers, including key criteria such as the adoption of best forestry management practices for forest products and waste water management to protect this precious resource. This session shares what the latest sustainability leadership standard on the market requires and how this third-party certification helps products stand out from the competition to win business.

MangoNovel Engineered Biopolymer Binders for Nonwoven Wipes That Help Manufacturers Achieve Productivity and Sustainability Targets

Phillip Mango, Principal, Phillip Mango Consulting and Udhav Doctor, Director, Business Development – Nonwovens, Ecosynthetix

This presentation will discuss a novel technology that is showing high potential to replace incumbent chemistries such as acrylics, VAEs and SBs in nonwoven wipe applications.  The use of a proprietary continuous manufacturing process has addressed the disadvantages associated with traditional natural materials.  These resin systems have been trialed at industrial scale for carded nonwovens for wipe applications and prototypes for airlaid used in consumer premoistened wipe applications are undergoing R&D evaluations.  Leveraging an existing global supply chain, this novel technology demonstrates great potential as it provides cost savings and productivity savings to manufacturers, as well as the enhanced sustainability desired by wipes retailers.

11:00am – 11:15am

WOW Innovation Award™

Join us as we announce the winner of the prestigious World of Wipes Innovation Award. Attendees select the winner among finalists that most expands the usage of nonwovens and demonstrates advancements in one or more categories including creativity, novelty of approach, uniqueness and technical sophistication.

11:15am – 11:30pm

WOW Rewards

Stay and win! Remain a few minutes after the close of WOW to hear if you won a Apple iPod Mini 16GB Wi-Fi!