WOW Speaker Listing - Hassan

HassanMohammad Hassan

Nonwovens & Polymer Scientist, Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation

Mohammad Hassan received his BSc degree in 2002 and his MSc degree in 2007, both in Chemical Engineering from Cairo University. In 2008, He joined North Carolina State University to pursue his PhD degree and in 2013 he graduated with PhD degree in Chemical Engineering in addition to a Graduate Certificate in Nonwovens Science and Technology. After Graduation, He joined Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation in 2013 as a nonwoven scientist to develop and implement new products, processes, materials and technology concepts. Dr. Hassan has around 10 peer reviewed papers and conference proceedings besides 6 pending patents in the area of nonwovens science and technology.

Thursday 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Substrates: Profit Improving Technologies

Hybrid Green Nonwoven Substrate for Wipe Applications

Spun-blown_ fiber Technology is a process bridging the gap between the conventional meltblowing and spunbond processes. Spun-blown process is flexible and accommodates meltblown and spunbond grade resins in addition to it have higher production capacity than traditional spunmelt processes. Having the capabilities of spinning highly viscous and higher molecular weight resins opens the door for new class of fibrous materials. Comingling such fibers with airlaid streams would result in hybrid category of nonwoven materials that can be used as wipe substrates. In this presentation we will discuss some of these possibilities and shed the light on some of the unique characteristics and performance of such substrates, specially the green based one.