WOW Speaker Listing - Serbiak

SerbiakPaul Serbiak

Managing Partner, Pure Sustainable Product Technologies

Managing Partner, Pure Sustainable Product Technologies, Inc.
Producer and developer of sustainable materials for consumer products.

CEO and Founder. Ideas To Market First
Specializing in Corporate Venturing and Open Innovation Consulting.

Vice President, Johnson & Johnson Group of Consumer Companies
Vice President R&D and Engineering, Johnson & Johnson USA

Vice President, Johnson & Johnson
o.b., Stayfree, Carefree Women's Health Brands. Reach, Johnson's and Act Oral Health Brands. Band Aid, First Aid, Coach and Compeed Wound Care Brands. Johnson's, Penaten, Desitin, Primage Baby Brands.

Thursday 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Substrates: Profit Improving Technologies

Innovation Magic: How to Improve Your Triple Bottom Line with Textile Waste Streaming

Gain insights into a new class of technology called Product from Waste (PfW) that seeks to transform waste into higher economic value compared to traditional recycling or landfilling. Discover how PfW is emerging to fulfill the sustainability requirements of forward thinking companies while still producing fibers that can deliver new properties for nonwoven fabrics.