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Asian Textile Journal

Asian Textile Journal (ATJ)
Launched in 1992 as a monthly publication to cater to the ever growing needs of the Indian and Asian textile industry. It is published in English and has a circulation of 11,000 in Asia, Europe and Middle East/North Africa. The ATJ published from Mumbai -  the commercial hub of India - is read by textile company executives from around the world, and increasingly in Asia, Middle East and the Far East, where manufacturers are eager get updated on latest in fibres, technology, engineering and processing developments emerging primarily from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, USA.

Asian Technical Textiles

Asian Technical Textiles (ATT)
In its 9th year as quarterly in English for technical textiles and nonwovens and caters to the ever growing needs of the industrial, medical and hygiene industry in Asia, Middle East, Africa and to some extent  Europe. It has a circulation of 7,000. The ATT offers unrivalled comprehensive coverage of ever expanding manufacturing technologies, engineering and applications of engineered polymer and fibre products for the vast consumer hygienic disposables and wipes markets to sectors such as automotive, medical, sports, agriculture, industrial protection and filtration, geotextiles, which have many uses for these high-performance materials.

AVRavr -General Nonwoven Report, the oldest subscribed, bilingual journal, for decades is a recognized professional institution in the industry. It serves producers, refiners, processors and users of nonwovens, technical textiles and geotextiles for guidance on international development in the nonwovens sector . Extensive coverage is based on our own research and the close link with industry in all parts of the world. The avr is thus a valuable link between producers and buyers.
Beaver Lake ReportBeaverLake6 Report is the leading website reporting on the latest news, trends and opinions occurring within the global technical textiles industry.
Innovation was created as a response to traditionally printed trade magazines that have been the source for industry news for many years. The world of information is continually changing and evolving at an ever accelerating pace, and magazines simply cannot keep up. Content is often outdated long before it is read. We've found that readers demand the most up to date information in an easily accessible format. feeds this demand by publishing news and features each and every day, with relevant and rich media (including secure video hosting), providing qualified cutting edge content as and when it happens in a dynamic and convenient format.
International Textile Market International Textile Market
International Textile Market is India's most read textile publication.
INFIFJ - Internaltional Fiber Journal –  The manmade fiber, technical textile and nonwovens industry is a dynamic $120 billion+ global industry, and no one covers it better than International Fiber Journal. More than twenty-five years of close relationships with industry leaders and corporations all over the world, have provided our readers with the latest trends and technologies. Our Editorial Advisory Board is made up of respected industry leaders from corporations, governments, trade groups and academia that provide advice and guidance on content and direction for our publication.
IFNIFN - International Filtration News For 36 years International Filtration News has been the leading publication reporting on the Filtration & Separation Industry, informing industry leaders, decision-makers and influencers, engineers, chemists and technicians around the world. Every two months the journal is mailed and digitally delivered free of charge to those qualified individuals directly engaged in production, research and development, sales, marketing and purchasing in the filtration industry.
METissueMETissue - METissue is a quarterly publication, covering all facets of tissue and nonwovens production and converting processes. The publication provides comprehensive coverage of the challenges and opportunities the industry is experiencing at a global level, with emphasis on the Middle East region. This includes valuable insight for professionals in terms of markets, technologies, trends, research and innovation.
Nonwovens IndustryNonwovens Industry
Since 1970 Nonwovens Industry has been the leading publication in nonwovens.  Today, with 12 printed issues circulated globally each year, targeted editions for Wipes, China and South East Asia, and more than 1.2 electronic impressions delivered via website and email every 12 months, Nonwovens Industry represents the industry's foremost informational franchise for readers and advertisers alike.  
SNWSNW- Sustainable Nonwovens is a printed magazine and daily news website for the global nonwovens industry with a focus on technical innovation and industry best practice.  Publisher MCL Global has a wealth of experience in B2B magazine and online publishing for the textiles and related sectors, which bring together expert analysis, in-depth comment and the latest news read globally by a range of industry professionals. Our products include the market leading Ecotextile News, Knitting Trade Journal, T.EVO, Textile Standards and Legislation, The Green Guide to ITMA, and textile sustainability event Planet Textiles.
TechTex India

TechTex India, the BCH quarterly newsline, is a recognized source for the coverage of the Technical Textile, Nonwoven and Composite industry in India & overseas. With a focused and a wide circulation, it serves the entire value chain of the industry, all across the globe.

BCHBusiness Co-ordination House (BCH) is an authoritative and trustworthy access for Indian and overseas companies in striking reciprocally beneficial alliances with the Indian Technical Textile, Nonwoven and Composite Industry. BCH co-ordinates business activities and facilitates collaboration all across the globe and offers a set of customized services.

Textile WorldTextile World AsiaTextiles Panamerica Textile World | Textile World Asia | Textiles Panamericanos
Textile World, Textiles Panamericanos and Textile World Asia, their websites and e-newsletters are all "must-reads" for key management and executives. These three quality, broad-based textile magazines and a group of high-traffic websites and e-newsletters, deliver the most informative and comprehensive coverage of the global textile industry for their respective markets.
Times International

Times International
Times International is a well-known company in publication of books, journals, newsletters. Times International circulates different magazines to different geographic locations in the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia. Publishes The Apparel Times, Technical Textiles Innovation, Dyes, Chemicals and Colour Technology, International Textile Market and Market and Business Analysis.


WTiN (World Textile Information Network)
World Textile Information Network (WTiN) is an innovative B2B media company that lies at the heart of the global textile industry. Serving the textile value chain, from raw material to finished goods, through online, events and publications, WTiN provides the must-have information on manufacturing technology, environment and ethics, textile markets, finance, companies and events.