Worldwide Outlook 2011-2016

Fourth edition of landmark report details the current state of the industry as well as projections into the next five years for production and consumption of nonwoven fabrics.


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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Environmental Assumptions 2012
  • World Oil and Energy
  • Overview
  • Worldwide and Regional Nonwoven Markets
  • Production by Web Forming Process
  • Leading Applications by Major Regions
  • Stages of Industry Development
  • Forecast of Investment Requirements
  • International Trade Flows of the Nonwovens
  • Staple Fiber and Resin Consumption


  • Gross Domestic Product by Selected World Regions
  • Summary Assumptions for NAFTA
  • Summary Outlook for European Union
  • Summary Assumptions for Major Asian Countries: Japan, China, India
  • Outlook for Worldwide Nonwoven Production
  • Outlook for Nonwoven Production by Region
  • Other Leading Asia Pacific Nonwoven Producing Nations
  • 2011 South America Population and Economies
  • Outlook for Nonwoven Production by Web Forming Processes
  • Worldwide Nonwoven Growth by Spunlaid Technology
  • Worldwide Nonwoven Growth by Carded Technologies
  • Production by Web Formation and Spunlaced Bonding
  • Outlook for Nonwovens by Leading Applications in Asia Pacific, Europe, and NAFTA
  • 2011 Nonwoven Production by Technology in Selected World Regions
  • Forecast Capital Investments by Technology to 2016
  • Forecast Capital Investment by Region 2011-2016
  • Major Global Exporters of Nonwovens 2001-2011
  • Big Suppliers Rely on the Two Other Regions
  • EU27 Import/Export Breakdown
  • USA Import/Export Breakdown
  • China Import/Export Breakdown
  • Outlook for Staple Fiber and Spunlaid Resin Consumption


  • World Nonwoven Production by Region 2001-2016
  • 2011 World Nonwoven Production by Region
  • World Nonwoven Production by Process
  • Market  Shares of Nonwoven Processes
  • Outlook by Technology Worldwide
  • Carded Bonded Shares by Technology
  • World Nonwoven Regions
  • Nonwoven Growth Outlook by Region Worldwide
  • China’s Nonwoven Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • Market Share of Nonwoven Processes
  • Spunlaid Production by Region
  • Growth of Bicomponent Spunlaid Nonwovens
  • Carded Production by Bonding Technology
  • Spunlaced Markets Worldwide
  • Airlaid Pulp Markets Worldwide
  • Growth Outlook by Applications
  • Outlook by Hygiene Market
  • Outlook by Medical Nonwovens Market
  • Outlook by Nonwovens Wipes Market
  • Outlook for the Nonwoven Filtration Market
  • Outlook for Nonwovens in Automotive
  • Outlook for Nonwovens in Construction Market
  • International Trade Flows of Nonwoven Roll Goods in 2011
  • Leading Economies of Nonwoven Trade
  • Growth of the EU Trade Balance
  • USA Trade
  • China Trade
  • Yearly Export of Nonwovens for Select Countries
  • Russia Import and Export
  • 2011 Nonwoven Staple Fiber Cosumption
  • Outlook for Spunlaid Resin Consumption by Polymer

Author: Ian Butler Date of Publication: Edition: 4th
Publisher: INDA Format: CD Pages: