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Fabric Sources International

by Chris Simuro

We changed our capabilities as a buyer/seller/converter/laminator/coater of nonwoven fabrics and composites to help the medical community.

Doctors told us they were desperate for medical PPE, specifically protective medical gowns. Our team found we could laminate SBPP + PE film to make medical grade fabric impervious to water/fluid. Our plan was to make 200-300 gowns for the local hospital. Now, we will produce/source the following medical PPE in the next eight weeks:

•     800,000 medical gowns

•     400,000 protective face shields

•     5,000,000 square yards of medical fabric

•     Millions of flat and KN95 masks

To make 800,000 medical gowns and 400,000 protective shields, we assembled seven local businesses to support our plans. It really has been amazing to see our local community come together to get needed medical PPE to our frontline medical teams.

Please let me know if you would like to hear more about what we are doing.

Fabric Sources International Website

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Fi-Tech Inc.

by Todd L. Bassett

As a supplier of machinery and key components to the nonwovens industry, Fi-Tech has been recognized as an essential supplier by several customers’ supply chains; working with their supplier, Reicofil, on several projects for Reicofil Meltblown Lines for delivery to the US to produce meltblown fabric required for N95 face masks.

To maintain supply of critical parts and components to our nonwovens customers, and provide coverage, Fi-Tech created alternating staffing schedules in the office and abbreviated hours of operation to limit exposure.

Our critical warehouse and logistic functions remain on a full-time schedule. We’ve incorporated sanitization measures in our daily routines and increased janitorial and sanitization services from an outside source.

Fi-Tech Inc. Website

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Fiber Innovation Technology (FIT)

by Cameron Miller

  • As a critical supplier in the fight against Covid-19, we’ve seen an increase in demand for our fibers
  • Our fiber is used exclusively in the North American manufacturing of the swabs for the Coronavirus test kit
  • Our fibers are manufactured into non-woven medical wipes, N95 filter masks, air and liquid filtration
  • A specialty fiber we produce is used as the last, most critical filter, in pharmaceutical drug manufacturing. To meet this increase in demand, we have reassigned production normally allocated to the automotive industry
  • This week we reactivated an idle line to make the PP fiber base for an N95 mask
  • In addition to meeting the current demand, we have been focused on life after the peak in coronavirus cases. Recently we introduced a series of easy split fibers that process as 3 dpf staple but split in carding and post processing into 0.2 dpf to give higher filtration efficiency
  • We have multiple partners looking at this product for next generation filter masks
  • Finally, we are evaluating and developing fibers with cutting edge viricidal and antimicrobial treatments that will be needed as post pandemic life hopes to normalize
  • We applaud those who are working in the community during this time

Fiber Innovation Technology (FIT) Website

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Fibertex Nonwovens

by Jonathan Layer

Fibertex Nonwovens is supporting the global COVID-19 response by supplying technical nonwovens into N95 facemask media and disinfecting wipes substrates. Fibertex is also leading the industry with production of nanofiber-based nonwoven for medical filtration markets.

Fibertex Nonwovens Website

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Fis Fiber Industries S.A. de C.V.

by Daniel Fis

  • Producing rolled goods for masks and disposable household wipes
  • Sadly, working overtime to meet manufacturers demands for casket materials
  • Working with several mask producers to start producing more masks using needlepunched felt and highloft batting along with meltblown as raw materials for N95 shell shaped stiff masks
  • Setting up lines to produce 1 million masks per week and ramping up to 10 million masks per week using our own nonwoven fabrics

Fis Fiber Industries S.A. de C.V. Website

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by Darren Stein

Fitesa North America is directly involved in the fight against COVID-19. Fitesa has more than doubled its current supply of PPE nonwoven material to support the needs of not only convertors, but also those organizations who are producing PPE for their own employees. We have also ramped up production of our specific wipe materials by more than five times, again, focusing on supporting the fight against COVID-19. To support the community, Fitesa is also using food trucks for its employees to ensure that we can give back to those in the catering industry that have been so hard hit.

Fitesa Website

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Formosa Plastics Corporation USA

by Elliott Stevens-Fosque

  • Delivered 1,000 masks to Atlantic Healthcare System – April 6th
  • Delivered 1,000 masks to RWJ Barnabas Healthcare System – April 7th
  • Donated bleach to our local community for disinfection

Formosa Plastics Corporation USA Website

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FTA Inc.

by Billy Norris

  • Supporting all essential businesses with service
  • Responding to several calls to open up protective gear plants…advising it takes 18 months to build and install equipment, with a financial commitment of four to five million dollars

FTA Inc. Website

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Fulflex, A Garflex Inc. Company

by Patrick Curtin

Fulflex supplies elastic tapes, threads and valves for manufactures of face masks, face shields, and medical disposables.

Our plant, operating in Vermont is an essential element in supply chain:

Donating elastic to individuals and community groups sewing masks for local first responders, medical workers and their friends and neighbors.

You can see more on our LinkedIn page.

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Fulflex, A Garflex Inc. Company Website

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