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Schwartz Manufacturing Company

by Alessandra Schwartz

  • Teamed with another manufacturing company to produce low performance surgical masks using our nonwoven roll goods
  • Following safety and protocols reducing COVID-19 risk at our facility
  • Feeling proud to be a part of the Nonwovens Industry, this is our collective time to shine and protect others!

Schwartz Manufacturing Company Website

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SGS – IPS Testing

by Chris Reitmeyer

SGS – IPS Testing is fully operational and able to assist with PPE testing needs. With years of experience testing face masks, gowns, and drapes, our services range from testing the initial material to the final product design. We can be reached at Appleton.CustomerService@SGS.com

SGS – IPS Testing Website

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Shaw Industries

by Derek Bass

  • Donated 2,000 N95 masks to a local hospital based upon local community needs
  • Connected medical facilities with Shaw suppliers for faster access to needed supplies (such as masks) to allow them to tap into a different supply chain than normal where their typical supplies are strained to meet growing needs
  • Developed our own hand sanitizer and disinfectant for use in our north Georgia facilities -- relieving some pressure in the supply chain for others seeking similar materials (Shaw continues to use products from other suppliers as well. Shaw’s current capacity and packaging limitations does not allow it to effectively make sanitizer to ship to all its locations or to donate in large quantities to others.)
  • Donated 100 Chromebook tablets to local school systems to provide remote sessions for speech and occupational therapy for students in need of devices
  • Provided meals from local restaurants for healthcare workers in Northwest Georgia hospitals, including a donation to Because Calhoun Cares
  • Supporting associates who are volunteering their time in support of various COVID-19 response efforts, including leveraging Shaw MakerSpace to 3D print face shields that are being donated to medical personnel and sewing cloth masks
  • Partnering with the United Way, an organization with whom Shaw has worked for decades to help meet the needs of the communities in which we operate 

Shaw Industries Website

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Shemesh Automation

by Shai Shemesh

Shemesh has temporarily relocated three of its “essential” after sales professionals into the region. The decision took place as clients are currently working around the clock to meet demand in a zero-downtime tolerance environment

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Shemesh Automation Website

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Sonobond Ultrasonics

by Janet Devine

Sonobond Ultrasonics’ textile assembly machines can help increase production speed and create ultrasonic barrier seams that satisfy regulatory requirements for disposable medical gowns and shoe covers, lint-free wound dressings, pillow and mattress covers, and pouches for sterilizing and storing medical instruments.

Sonobond has been granted a waiver from Pennsylvania COVID-19 Orders to continue our critical role in providing equipment that assembles life-sustaining medical supplies.

Contact: 610-696-4710; or contact Vice President Melissa Alleman at MAlleman@SonobondUltrasonics.com.

To view our textile and filter assembly video visit: https://www.sonobondultrasonics.com/welders-bonders/nonwovens-textiles 

Sonobond Ultrasonics Website

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Southeast Nonwovens Inc.

by Paul Latten

While not in the PPE space, we responded with our hearts and specific requests to produce materials to support traditional textile industry employees in NC safety and employment. Examples of our response include:

  • Within hours, we produced prototype materials for masks, drapes, and gowns
  • Within seven days, we produced commercial production roll goods for masks
  • Now, we are producing paper-based mask media for clients using our wetlaid machines
  • We continue to provide guidance to companies not in this business

Southeast Nonwovens Inc. Website

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Southern Regional Research Center (SRRC), ARS-USDA

by Doug Hinchcliff

Unfortunately, we are shut down and in telework status. The administration at (USDA-ARS) is not allowing any research to be conducted. Consequently, we are unable to perform experiments or nonwovens production until our site is re-opened. I have received collaborative inquiries to use alternative materials such as cotton fibers for N95 mask production, but cannot access my roll goods inventory to send samples for prototype testing. Wish it were different…looking forward to return to research. 

Southern Regional Research Center (SRRC), ARS-USDA Website

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Spraying Systems Co.

by Mike Cash

Spraying Systems Co.’s facilities are operating to deliver product and solutions that are making a difference in the health and safety of our customers and communities with:

-      Direct involvement: SSCo is donating environmentally responsible sanitizer and disinfectant to local first-responders and state officials in the Chicagoland (Illinois) area. This PathoCide is produced in-house using equipment manufactured by PathoSans, a division of Spraying Systems Co. www.pathosans.com or www.klarion.com

-     Indirect involvement: SSCo supplied spray systems have transitioned like other suppliers, in the service to now apply antimicrobials, moisture blocks, or other processing aids necessary in the change-over or to help increase production line speeds


Contact: Jess Messenger

Mulberry Marketing Communications



PathoSans Answers Governor Pritzker’s Call to Action,

Will Donate 5,000 Gallons of Sanitizer to Address State’s Urgent Needs

GLENDALE HEIGHTS, Ill.— In response to Governor Pritzker’s urgent plea to Illinois businesses to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, PathoSans Technologies will donate up to 5,000 gallons/day of its PathoCide® sanitizer and disinfectant to the state. PathoCide kills human coronavirus and other viruses more resilient to disinfection than SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

PathoSans®, a division of Spraying Systems Co., will produce the sanitizer using equipment it manufactures in Glendale Heights, Illinois. It will donate the sanitizer to state first responders and the teams that support them who cannot secure enough sanitizer due to shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The sanitizer will allow the state to clean vehicles, work surfaces, and facilities to keep government personnel and Illinois citizens safer during the coronavirus crisis.

“During this state of emergency, a shortage of effective sanitizers and disinfectants quickly became a significant issue,” said Dr. William J. Kohley, President of PathoSans Technologies. “Our ECA systems are designed to supply high volumes of environmentally responsible cleaners and sanitizers. They are manufactured right here in IL, so if we redirected production to address local supply chain shortages, we knew we could help immediately. It was a unique situation and our state officials and community leaders vetted the idea, process, and figured out how to make it happen.”

PathoSans thanks Governor J.B. Pritzker and his staff, especially Deputy Governor Christian Mitchell; the Illinois Department of Agriculture, including Director Jerry Costello, General Counsel John Teefey and the department’s technical staff; State Senators Tom Cullerton and Elgie R. Sims, Jr.; State Representative Deb Conroy; DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin; President and CEO of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association Mark Denzler; and Andrew Wheeler, Vice President of Marketing, FutureCeuticals, and Chairman, Kankakee County Board. Without their help, PathoSans could not have navigated the regulatory process that enabled PathoCide sanitizer deployment in the fight against COVID-19.

About PathoSans: PathoSans Technologies is a division of Spraying Systems Co., which has operated in Illinois for over 80 years and is the world’s leading manufacturer of spray nozzles and precision spray technology. PathoSans provides on-site generation (OSG) devices that produce ready-to-use, highly effective cleaners and sanitizers known as electrochemically activated (ECA) solutions. Learn more about these sustainable cleaning technologies at PathoSans.com and Klarion.com (Industrial ECA systems).

# # #

Spraying Systems Co. Website

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Stein Fibers, Ltd.

by Kaylee Smith

  • +1 million pounds shipped for masks
  • +500k pounds shipped for FEMA mattresses
  • +2 million pounds shipped to thermal insulation for food packaging
  • +500k pounds shipped to air filtration

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Stein Fibers, Ltd. Website

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Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC

by Frank Porto

As a strategic partner with Hollingsworth & Vose and using Technostat, a high quality, electrostatic filter media, Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC has partnerships with vital companies in the fight against COVID-19, including Honeywell, GM, Ventec and Phillips.

Read more: https://www.inda.org/membership/member-news/superior-felt-filtraon-llc-responds-swily-to-the-global-demand-for-surgical-hoods-mask-components-viralbacterial-and-venlator-filter/

Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC Website

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Suzano Papel E. Celulose

by Aline Farias

We thank everyone for their solidarity and dedication, and we thank those who leave their homes every day to help ensure no shortages of product during this critical moment. Check out this page for all information that we have prepared to help combat the new variant of the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

Visit: https://www.suzanoagainstcoronavirus.com/

Suzano Papel E. Celulose Website

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by Alexandra Diehl

Synthomer Malaysia Donates 450,000 Medical Gloves to Hospital in Bergamo, Italy

Synthomer is donating 450,000 medical gloves to the municipal hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo, Italy. The hospital is situated in the heart of the Lombardy region of Italy which has been severely affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our Italian colleagues made us aware of the severe shortage of PPE in the region, and as one of the world’s leading suppliers of Nitrile Latex, we were able to reach out to some of our major customers and commercially secure medical gloves supplies. At this time our customers are oversold with lead times of four to six months, so we are extremely grateful for their assistance and swift response to our request, and in addition for the matching donations a number of them made,“ said Derick Whyte, Synthomer President Performance Elastomers and Asia.

Malaysia is also under an MCO or lockdown with many industries closed. However, a number of employees worked tirelessly to ensure the shipments were prepared and dispatched to Italy. The first of two shipments arrived at Bergamo airport mid-April and was handed over to the staff of the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital by the local Synthomer logistics team. Synthomer is grateful to all partners and employees who supported this initiative, and also wishes to thank in particular the local medical staff for the relentless commitment to saving lives during the corona crisis.  

Synthomer Website

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