David Krauss – Engineer

Cell: (804) 477-9208

Dear Sir,

After I met with your recruitment team at VCU and GMU. It is with great interest that I am forwarding my C.V for consideration of Engineer position in Virginia. With a sound understanding of biomedical & mechanical engineering and experimental techniques, nanostructures, experimental polymer chemistry and microencapsulation, combined with excellent computational fluid dynamics solvers. I will bring a unique blend of creative, strategic, and management talents of significant value to your team. Please consider the following in addition to my Resume:

  • Highly interested in the advanced 3D engineered biological models and functional biomaterials
  • Ten years of scientific research and development includes numerical and experimental experience
  • Six peer reviewed journal publications and five research conference papers and presentations
  • 10 years of numerical and experimental experience in 3D modeling, thermal analysis, CFD, FEA, ANSYS, ABAQUS, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD Inventor, Original, 3D printing, design, fracture mechanics, chemical procedures, composites fabrication, failure analysis, polymers, molding and casting, and technical writing
  • Highly motivated, creative, initiative, flexibility and critically thinking research engineer
  • Ability to work independently to engineer, implement and analyze experiments
  • Strong scientific analytical and problem-solving skills and application of statistical analysi
  • Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional suppliers and partners
  • Effectively managed complex projects and provided troubleshooting skills to resolve difficult issues, ensuring adherence to targets
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, with expertise in developing and maintaining robust and productive working relationships with staff at all levels
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively to meet your objectives

Throughout my professional and academic careers, I have consistently driven myself to meet challenges and achieve goals. I thrive in challenging and results-oriented environments, and it is these qualities that attract me to a highly competitive and exciting career in international business.
As a highly motivated, results-driven individual, I have a powerful desire to exceed expectations and deliver the extra effort necessary to achieve goals. With my strong management skills in project management, scientific research, and experimental mechanics, combined with a diverse background in computational biomedical engineering, I am confident in my ability to make a strong positive contribution to your institution.
I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my credentials and expertise can benefit your research team and address the unique challenges of this position. I will contact your office next week to arrange a mutually convenient time for us to meet. In the interim, I thank you for reviewing this letter and the accompanying materials.

David Krauss 10/05/2017

David Krauss, Ph.D.
Biomechanical Engineering
USA, Virginia


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