Fatemeh Bateny – Materials Scientist, Research Scientist, Nonwoven Engineer, Lead Scientist

Dear Hiring Manager:

I am writing to apply for the future collaboration opportunities within your team. Obtained my Ph.D. degree in Fiber and Polymer Science from NC State University on December 2015, I have 5 years of applied research laboratory work and project leading experiences in Research and Development of nonwoven absorbent products and composite materials. Additionally, as a Textile Engineer, I contributed to the continuous improvement of several businesses using my disciplined analysis, critical thinking, and focus on the customer’s need. These combined experiences coupled with my passion towards finding the most efficient solutions will facilitate my swift contribution to your sustained growth.

My professional experiences include my recent position with the Nonwoven Institute as a research assistant and my previous position at Tehran Polytechnic University. In both my roles, I employed my robust background in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, creativity, and self-directed learning skill to advance industries involved with personal care products and composite materials respectively. I collaborated with cross-functional teams of operating people to design and modify testing equipment, manufacture various technical products, and evaluate those engineered materials based on the Design of Experiment methodology, while mentoring and motivating the team members. In leading these projects, I facilitated the new products development and prepared myself to provide consulting services to managers and leaders of the industry.

Furthermore, I have been seizing the opportunity to pick up on my quality management skills, since I began my first position in the industry. Dealing with diverse challenges of textiles industry in my technical roles, I gained consensus for the adoption of new ideas due to my demonstrated ability to clearly present value added recommendations. I performed an extensive root cause analysis, and time studies using Lean/Six-Sigma techniques to improve the efficiency of dyeing house at Acme-McCrary Corporation in North Carolina, which resulted in reduced rework and savings of $2,200 per operator per month. My experiences in the industry enhanced my capability to find root cause of problems using a detail-oriented action plan, map a plan to tackle the problem and design an approach that could solve it in an effective manner.

I am confident in my ability to make a lasting contribution to your organization and would welcome an interview at your earliest convenience. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Please call me at 919-559-4380. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Fatemeh Bateny


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