Rahim Jindani – Fiber and Polymer Engineer, Nonwovens, Textiles

Dear Hiring Manager,

I was searching for a dynamic and progressive organization that is in need of young graduates, who are enthusiastic, motivated and have the drive to perform successfully in every aspect of one’s work. I am actively looking for full-time jobs in the field of nonwovens or textile engineering and development for the next phase of my career. I wish to utilize my research experience further to solve challenges facing the local and global industry. My experience with different polymers and biomaterials will definitely come in handy. I also was fortunate to be involved as teaching assistant at various levels at NC State during my Ph.D. and masters work which has allowed me to develop leadership skills.

I am a currently a ‘Ph.D. candidate in Fiber and Polymer Science with minor in Biomedical Engineering’ at College of Textiles, North Carolina State University and planned to defend my dissertation in October 2017. In my research, I have been looking into Structures, Yarns, and Fabrics for Biomedical Applications.

I have successfully completed my ‘Masters in Textile Technology’ with a ‘Graduate Certificate in Nonwoven Science and Technology’ in December 2013 from NCSU. Moreover, I have 2 years of experience as a ‘Research Assistant at The Nonwoven Institute and Zeis Textiles Extension’ as well as 3 years of experience as a ‘Teaching Assistant at Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science’ at NCSU.

I found my interest in developing structures using braiding, electro spinning and wrap knitting technologies for nerve and vascular regeneration. For future applications, I would like to work on finding alternative chemistries that are sustainable in designing polymers and fibers.

Apart from my research, I have had the opportunity to work with ‘office of International students at NCSU and ‘Habitat for Humanity’ for various community-based service events where I have utilized my leadership and management skills to achieve success as a team.

I have attached my resume and look forward to being a part of your organization to continue my thirst for development of novel products and continue improving existing ones.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Rahim Jindani
Phone: (+1) 248 821-0923


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