Shubham Barnwal – Engineer

Dear Hiring Manager,
Perhaps your company is seeking to recruit the talent of someone that can grasp complex concepts, roll with the punches and contribute to the success of a product’s performance. If this is the case, then please accept the accompanying resume for your review and consideration for the position in which these strengths and diverse experience will be of value.

I am a mechanical engineering graduate at University of Cincinnati and I am also an active member of ASQ. I have 2 years of working experience in this domain and would be a great fit as per the responsibilities and requirements.

During my experience as an engineer trainee with Meenakshi Re-rollers. I effectively managed broad areas of manufacturing like purchasing of raw materials to applying lean principles in the production line. My stay in Meenakshi Re-rollers has been helpful for me to a great extent as I have acquired and developed my skills in value improvement, lean methodologies, product reviewing, technical writing and making acquisitions for new equipment thereby increase productivity. I was responsible for developing efficiency programs and working closely with other department to enhance productivity.

Furthermore, I was involved in a layout planning project of an engine reconditioning workshop to improve the material flow between work stations and balancing the assembly line using tools like Systematic layout planning. As a result, our team was able to reduce the reconditioning time by 3.34% and total distance travelled by material by 14%. The overall productivity was optimized by 28% through development and implementation of continuous product flow line using lean manufacturing methodologies.

With background in mechanical and manufacturing, I am able to view situations from multiple perspective with a proven ability to maximize opportunities. As an effective problem solver, I see my role as one of cutting through red tape and confusion by providing clarity and practical solutions for the company I represent.

My experience has provided me with valuable knowledge in the area of manufacturing and production. I can bring to the table a broad technical knowledge with the foundation of skills to adapt to new technologies. My ability to work in cooperation with teams and individuals has allowed me to consistently achieve goals.

My written and oral communication skills are excellent and I enjoy working as part of a team, as well as liaising with contractors and project stakeholders. I enjoy the company and support of my peers while being able to manage my priorities and work. My past supervisor noted that I am able to complete projects earlier than deadlines.

In my graduate studies, I worked on a project to acquire Six sigma green belt training and learnt methods to implement optimization techniques in the industry. In addition to this, I have also experience in using methods like MOST, Lean and Six sigma tools for better optimization and continuous improvement.

Although the accompanying resume illustrates my background well, I feel that a personal interview would better demonstrate my knowledge and abilities. Therefore, I would appreciate the opportunity to interview with you at a convenient time. Thank you for your review and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,
Shubham Barnwal


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