Carvajal Diaz » » » Jennifer Carvajal Diaz, PhD

Principal Analyst, IHS Markit

Dr. Carvajal covers the Acrylic Acid, Acrylic Esters and Superabsorbent polymers markets for the Americas Region as Principal Analyst at IHS Markit. IHS Markit offers a global market advisory service for these products including supply/demand, trade, price and economic forecasting analysis. IHS Markit, a global leading consulting firm, provides objective insights through historical and predictive analysis and consulting services to market players, via data modeling, monthly newsletters, and annual industry summaries. Dr. Carvajal received her BS in Chemical Engineering, Cum Laude, from Universidad Industrial de Santander (Colombia) and her PhD. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University. Dr. Carvajal former experience includes roles as author of Chemical Economic Handbook (CEH) reports at IHS, R&D in Nanotechnology at Texas A&M University and Sr. Engineer for product development with Dow Chemical, Advanced Materials Business in Midland, Michigan.

Tuesday 9:05 am - 11:05 am
Keynote: Brand Disruptors

Trends for Propylene, Acrylic Acid and Super Absorbent Polymers Markets: Challenges and Opportunities in the Shale Gas Era

Key of the raw materials for the diapers industry have experienced price volatility in 2017 and questions on new investments arise despite global oversupplied markets. What does the future hold for these raw materials and what are the ramifications for the end users? This presentation will give an update on global trends and markets for Propylene derived monomers, including acrylic acid (GAA) and super absorbent polymers (SAPs); including regional cash cost comparison and recent price trends in the main regions. The presentation also would cover the demand drivers and trade flows. Brief analysis on other diaper key raw materials, like PE and PP cost competitiveness will be discussed.  

Hygienix 2017