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RISE® Innovation Award

RISE Innovation Award

The RISE® Innovation Award will recognize innovation in areas within and on the periphery of the nonwovens industry which utilizes advanced science and engineering principles to develop unique or intricate solutions to problems and advance the usage of nonwovens. Nominees will be selected from various disposable and durable product categories and disruptive enabling technologies who exemplify innovation. Areas for consideration include: raw material advances, advances in process or manufacturing technologies including web forming and converting, new product or application development, or other areas that may extend or enhance the use of nonwovens.    Join the finalists as they present their innovations to RISE attendees. The winner will be announced Thursday afternoon. 

The companies in the running for the prestigious award presented annually by INDA are:


  • Diva DiaperDiviDiaper Inc.’s DiviDiaper
    Tivon Jeffers, Inventor & CEO
    LisaRoxanne Walters-Jeffers, Co-Inventor & General Counsel

    DiviDiaper prevents/reduces both infant and Incontinence-associated dermatitis in adults, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI), Candida/yeast/fungal and other genital infections and pressure sores.  It has been recognized by medical staff and diaper industry leaders as an invaluable innovation. Learn More »

  • FreudenbergFreudenberg Performance Materials Evolon New Generation - Bedding Application
    Eva Welsh, Evolon Market Manager - North America

    Freudenberg Performance Materials has pushed the limits of innovation further by developing Evolon® New Generation. This high-tech technology is made from super-microfilaments that are half the thickness and twice the density of those used in the original Evolon®.  Evolon® New Generation has launched a new product line for top-quality bed linen based on premium appearance and performance.  Evolon® New Generation key bedding applications include anti-mite encasements, duvet covers, pillow cases, down-proof linen, and fiber-filled products. Learn More »
  • SuominenSuominen Corporation’s Suominen Intelligent Nonwovens
    Ernesto Levy, Sr. VP, Convenience Area

    Suominen Intelligent Nonwoven™ makes it possible to embed digital features into Suominen nonwovens. With Suominen Intelligent Nonwovens™, product traceability and safety can be increased to a new level. It also provides brands with a new kind of sophisticated marketing tool.

    Suominen Intelligent Nonwovens™ is based on Suominen´s technical capability to produce very high definition patterning. The high definition patterns are machine-readable by any conventional smart phone and allow for any digital content to be activated. Learn More »

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