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Competition for the 2017 World of Wipes Innovation Award® has been narrowed to three finalists and attendees at the World of Wipes® International Conference June 12-15 in Nashville, Tennessee will have key deciding votes in selecting the winner.

The companies in the running for the prestigious award presented annually by INDA are: Berry Plastics' Chicopee® Microfiber Floor Care System, Elsner Engineering's Glueless Tail Tie for rolled wipes and Kimberly-Clark Corporation's Huggies® Natural Care Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes.

The products all address previously unanswered needs in the marketplace. They include Chicopee's disposable microfibre mop that makes cleaning more hygienic, safer, and economical for facility managers; Elsner's glueless rolled wipes production option that helps eliminates material compliance issues for wipes manufacturers; and Huggies wipes that address neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse concerns for the fragile, compromised skins of premature infants.

Attendees at WOW 2017 will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from the top companies who are changing the face of the wipes industry, and gain essential industry insights from an outstanding roster of speakers during the conference at the Gaylord Opryland Resort.

The professionals who come to WOW hold an important one-third of the vote in their hands. The award finalists will make their presentations on June 13 and the winner will be announced on the morning of June 15, capping off the conference focused exclusively on wipes.



Berry Plastics' Chicopee Microfiber Floor Care System  

Berrys Plastics Microfiber Floor Care SystemChicopee's new short-term use disposable microfibre mops for cleaning provides a total disposable solution for Facility Management and Cleaning companies looking to improve hygiene or remove laundering of their cleaning materials.

The patent pending innovative Fluid Mopping System combines a light, ergonomically designed mopping tool with short-term use Microfiber Mops. The tool has a removable reservoir, which can hold up to 620ml of cleaning solution, and the user pulls the ergonomic trigger to release liquid as they clean.  Up to 80 percent less water is used and chemical consumption is reduced, bringing cost and environmental benefits.

The system combines the company's unique APEX® technology with splittable microfibre technology to create unique 3D materials, according to the company. The product enables damp floor mopping as opposed to wet floor mopping, which is important to help reduce the risks of slipping on wet floors while mopping in commercial settings.


Elsner Engineering's Glueless Tail Tie for Rolled Wipes

Elsner Glueless Tail TieSeeing the need for a method of controlling the tail of the wipes rolls coming off the machine as they transfer to automatic canister loading, Elsner developed this unique solution that doesn't use glue.

Due to compliance issues and other standards, many customers cannot add an ingredient such as glue to their products. With the use of ultrasonics, the tail of the nonwoven wipes is tied "closed" without an additive or any discoloration.  

The patent-pending design uses the minimum possible bond strength to avoid having a mass of wipes as the last of the product is dispensed from the canister, thereby enhancing the end-user's experience with the product.  With no mess, pre-heat time, or consumable to deal with, the converter's efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, profitability is increased, according to the company.


Kimberly-Clark Corporation's Huggies Natural Care Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes 

Huggies Developed in partnership with NICU nurses, Huggies Natural Care Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes are the first and only baby wipe specifically developed for premature skin. These wipes address nurses' concerns for the fragile, compromised skins of infants that the market previously did not address such as underdeveloped stratum corneum, acid mantle (which comprises the outer layer of skin), and the deficiency of structural proteins in the dermis layer of the skin.   

Huggies Natural Care Extra Sensitive Wipes provide a gentle clean for babies' skin. Intended for hospital use, the wipes gently glide across delicate newborn skin without leaving behind excessive wetness. Huggies Natural Care Extra Sensitive Wipes were created with a mild, water-based formula that is free of alcohol, fragrance, and dyes, according to the company.