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Heinonen Anu Heinonen

VP, Communications And IR, Suominen

On top of her strong expertise in communications and reputation management, Anu holds over ten years of experience on developing sustainability in materials and media industries. She has led Suominen into the forefront of nonwovens industry when it comes to sustainability and acts as a member of EDANA's Sustainability Working Group.

Tuesday 9:05 am - 10:30 am
The Unfixed Nature of Sustainability

Sustainability Panel - Anu Heinonen

How do consumers define sustainability? Is it "all natural" or "organic" products? Maybe it is products with a low carbon footprint or made with recycled or recyclable ingredients? This panel will deliberate the differences between what we, the wipes industry, define as sustainable and how consumers interpret sustainability. Each member of the panel will share how their company satisfies the consumers' interpretation of sustainability when it can mean so many different things.