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Rahbaran Shayda Rahbaran, Ph.D.

BD Manager Wipes, Lenzing AG

Wednesday 8:30 am - 10:30 am
Material Science That Advances Wipes

Biodegradability of Wood-based Cellulose Fibers

The accumulation of plastics litter and its debris in the environment has received a lot of attention, both within the concerned public as well as within the scientific community. Rayon fibers were identified in a research study in 2014 as a major source of microplastics debris in the deep-sea. Those lead to misleading wording for the wood-based cellulose fibers in the media especially in relation to flushability topic for moist toilet tissue in the last 2 years. The paper presents:
• Terminology and categories of different fibers used in the nonwovens industries
• 100 percent biodegradability of wood-based cellulose fibers TENCEL® fiber and Lenzing Viscose® in a range of natural environments
• New studies demonstrate that research conducted in relation to fiber debris found in the deep sea did not attempt to differentiate between man–made and natural cellulose fiber