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Global Director of R&D, Bostik, Inc.

Dr. Darius Deak received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts, majoring in polymer chemistry, and received his MBA degree from Babson College.

Throughout his career at Bostik, Darius has focused on R&D and R&D management, including spending over three years in China as Bostik's Asia Pacific Technical Director. He is currently the Global R&D Director in the division handling Disposable Hygiene at Bostik.

With a rich experience in regional, as well as global R&D, Deak has been invited several times to give lectures at numerous highly respected conferences at home and abroad.

Wednesday 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Cutting Edge Approaches to Odor Control

The Nose Knows: Using the Human Nose to Detect Product Odor in Disposable Hygiene

With more than 300 genes dedicated to smell, there is little probability that two humans will ever perceive odor the same exact way. Add regional and cultural perceptions to the mix, and gaining agreement on odor can become an even greater challenge. Leveraging the expertise of a trained human sensory panel can help address odor-related concerns, especially in the absorbent hygiene market. This enlightening and engaging presentation explores how assembling a panel of odor testers and training them to identify and classify odors using a common language can serve an effective test method. Going one step further, odor experts will discuss how analytical test methods paired with a sensory panel can offer the best chance at determining exactly which molecule(s) is at the origin of the odor. Attendees will also gain valuable insight on how these test methods are being applied in the absorbent hygiene market through real-world examples and the use of Bostik’s 3D odor sphere diagram.

Hygienix 2017