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Chief Technology Officer, Simavita

Peter Curran is Chief Technology Officer with Simavita, responsible for R&D and Operations.

He has over 30 years' experience in engineering, operations, and commercial management, and has been active in consumer, industrial and defence markets across power, telecommunications, computer technology, gaming, and medical device products and services.

Peter spent his early working career as an electronics design engineer of industrial power equipment before taking senior and principal engineering roles within the Defence industry, including technical management of a microelectronics assembly plant and processes. He then moved into executive management positions in manufacturing, engineering and commercial management within the electronics industry, and for the past 12 years has held general management roles.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Peter holds a BE in electrical engineering, an MBA, and Six Sigma accreditations.

Tuesday 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Diapers: Smart & Sustainable

Everyday Monitoring of Incontinence Products: A New, Disruptive Technology

The paper describes a new, disruptive solution to the problem of knowing when to optimally change incontinence products, such as a diaper or a brief. Our goals with this technology are extreme low cost, simplicity, and utility.

Key issues addressed include:

The technology is focused on mass market appeal, and includes the following attributes:

Patented Test results demonstrate excellent functional performance, particularly given the extreme low cost of the sensor. Key findings include:

The everyday monitoring solution includes effective analytics and associated software, in the form of smart Apps. Key functional elements include the monitoring of multiple concurrent users, alerting based on a preferred response time, and alerting based on multi-factored risks including leakage and skin integrity.

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