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Research Fellow (Feminine Care), Procter & Gamble Co.

25 years of experience in Product Research/ Product Innovation, inventing and launching new products that have left a mark in consumer minds and in the business around the world, transforming knowledge into action.

Started in Latin American R&D, with assignments in Detergents and Fabric Softeners. In US R&D worked in Air Care, Snacks, and Feminine Care. Well known for unlocking business building insights with cutting edge Product Research methodologies. Strengths in consumer understanding, quantitative segmentation, translating insights into technical requirements, and holistic innovation have changed the course of the categories where he has worked in.

Expert in qualitative research/ ethnography, and has been a thought leader in the use of Digital/ Virtual/ Social research tools (i.e. Mobile Research, Text Analytics, Consumer co-creation, product use in-context).

A change agent within Product Research, developing new methodologies, consumer relevant test methods, and creating consumer/ technical models. Modernized how Product Research is done by establishing contact with consumers' real time and at relevant moments.

Recognized as a master in translating consumer insights into product innovation, and creating holistic product propositions.

Tuesday 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Incontinence Perspectives: Consumer & Institutional

A Market Research Symphony Is Required Versus Having an Instrument Virtuoso, To Create a Winning Holistic Product Experience in Feminine Adult Incontinence

Holistic Innovation is possible through a symphony of consumer understanding to create music throughout the uncertainty of upstream R&D.  When dealing with Adult Incontinence, the objective is the transformation of a diaper like experience into a feminine underwear design that improves their confidence and self-esteem. The right research tempo and insights create innovation music in Adult Incontinence.  Establishing the right partnership with relevant consumer research partners at different stages of the project is critical to help orchestrate future innovation and develop consumer relevant products that improve consumers’ lives. This talk will share how unique research techniques offered by an array of Market Research partners helped us shape the latest innovation in Adult Incontinence for Always Discreet.

Hygienix 2017