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Managing Director, Diaper Testing International SA De CV

Eduardo Leal is the Managing Director at Diaper Testing International, a professional diaper testing laboratory near Monterrey, Mexico. Eduardo's responsibilities include providing clients with in-depth analyses of diaper samples from around the world in addition to maintaining the database that allows the comparison of multiple samples across regions and time spans.

Before joining Diaper Testing International, Eduardo was the Operations Directors at Alivia Digital S.A.P.I. de C.V. where he was responsible for the coordination of the IT development team whose functions included the testing and modifications of software needed to reach minimum value product (MVP) status to satisfy early adopters.

Eduardo earned his B.S. in Biotechnology Engineering from Tecnológico de Monterrey in 2014.

Monday 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Absorbent Hygiene Products Workshop

Absorbent Hygiene Products Workshop

Focused on Baby Diapers, Adult Diapers and Disposable Underwear, as well as new products never seen before related to incontinence, the Diaper Workshop provides the latest insights on diaper technology, innovation, market predictions and foresight, as well as a review of diaper educational concepts, regional product benchmarks, engineering, design and testing protocols. The Diaper Workshop provides content for newcomers as well as seasoned veterans alike. Focal points of the workshop will be: The Tripod Test and how test results compare across regions of the world and the significance of each result from a design standpoint. Market Insights, our latest benchmark on odor control alternatives, The Chinese Conundrum, a detailed benchmark of Adult Pants ,Baby Diapers and Briefs in America vs. Asia and other markets, and a section dedicated exclusively to new trends.

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