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Managing Partner, Price Hanna Consultants LLC

Pricie Hanna is a founding partner of Price Hanna Consultants, a management and technical firm established in 2011 which specializes in nonwovens, hygiene absorbent products, disposable wipes, key raw materials and related fields. Her expertise ranges from end product market trends to the demand and technical requirements for the raw materials, such as resins, fiber, fluff pulp, airlaid and cover stock nonwovens, film, superabsorbent materials, adhesives and elastics, used to make these products. For twenty-three years, Mrs. Hanna was Vice President of John R. Starr, Inc., and led the firm's consulting practice in hygiene absorbent products and nonwoven wipes. Prior to joining John R. Starr, Inc., Mrs. Hanna was Vice President – Finance, Planning and Administration for the Scott Nonwovens Division of Scott Paper Company. During sixteen years with Scott Paper, Mrs. Hanna held various corporate positions including Vice President – Corporate Planning; Vice President – Corporate Financial Services and Assistant Treasurer. Before joining Scott Paper, Mrs. Hanna was a corporate lending officer of Citibank in New York City. Mrs. Hanna received an A.B. degree from the University of Pennsylvania and completed the Executive Education Program in Corporate Financial Management at the Harvard Graduate School of Business.
Tuesday 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Market Statistics & Trends I

Important New Developments in Hygiene Absorbent Products and Raw Materials

This presentation will highlight significant new developments in hygiene absorbent products and their raw materials during the last year. The end user needs and priorities that these developments address will be discussed. The leading industry participants responsible for these innovations will be identified. The presentation will offer perspective on the anticipated regional and global impacts of these new developments in the context of continuing industry trends and evolving market and technology opportunities.