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Global Marketing And Business Development Manager, Emtec Electronic GmbH

Alexander Grüner was born in 1982 in Leipzig, Germany. There he finished the 12 years of school and studied Paper Engineering at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany for one semester. After this one semester of Paper Engineering he decided to switch to Economics, what he studied at the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany and later at the University of Leipzig, Germany.

Since 2010, Alexander Grüner is working for the company emtec Electronic GmbH, which is a developer of testing instruments for the Pulp and Paper Industry. The main application areas are Process Optimization, R&D and Quality Assurance.

Today, Mr. Grüner is responsible for the Global Marketing & Business Development of emtec Electronic as well as for the sales in North America, the UK, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Wednesday 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Haptics For a Competitive Advantage

A New Method for the Process Optimization, Quality Assurance and R&D in the Nonwoven Production and Converting

Nonwoven products are more and more common in every household globally.

For many of these nonwoven products, the hand feeling is an important quality parameter. Until now, no testing device has been existing, to determine this parameter objectively. The emtec TSA - Tissue / Nonwovens Softness Analyzer is a completely new method for the objective testing of the hand feel of nonwoven products. Originally, the device has been developed for the tissue industry (hygienic papers, such as toilet paper, facials or hankies), but it turned out that it can be used in almost exactly the same way for nonwoven products.

How does the device function, what is the technical background and for what applications can the device be used, this shall be the topic of this presentation.