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President & CEO, Knowaste LLC

Roy Brown is President of Knowaste LLC. He was named CEO and member of the general management committee in July 1998. He was appointed Chairman of its European subsidiary in April 2010. Mr. Brown has played a key role in transforming this small environmental R&D firm into a commercially viable operation, which today is a world-leader in recycling absorbent hygiene products (AHP) such as diapers into sanitized reusable cellulose and plastic components. He developed the Knowaste strategy, reshaping its portfolio of business and has focused on expanding the markets Knowaste serves around the globe as well as identifying high value end markets for the end product streams. Mr. Brown joined Knowaste after a twenty-year career as an entrepreneur with a principal focus in the environmental and waste management field. He specialized in strategic planning, competitor analysis and acquisitions in Canada, The United States and Europe. Mr. Brown received a B.Comm degree from the University of Toronto (1976) and a C.A. designation in 1981. He has attended advanced general management programs and maintains his professional development through his numerous memberships and associations. He is also trained in media relations for print, radio and TV. He has been married to Donna since 1976 and they have two daughters. Mr. Brown sits on the boards of a number of private and charitable organizations in his community.
Thursday 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Disposable Products - End of Life Options

The State of AHP Recycling in Europe 2016

Topics to be covered will be:
1. AHP recycling defined
2. AHP volumes in major European countries
3. Collection methodologies
4. Various Technology approached reviewed
5. Offtake opportunities