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Managing Partner, CenterBrain Partners, Inc.

Results oriented general manager with in-depth product development, marketing, sales, merchandising and operations experience. Proven success in strategy development, creative problem solving, brand positioning, and developing a strong, focused, accountable team. Analytical, collaborative and passionate business and marketing leader and strategist.

Tuesday 9:05 am - 11:05 am
Revealing Eye-Openers on Consumer Needs

Adult Incontinence Unleashed

Steve Jobs was right - applying his philosophy to the incontinence category, it's time that marketers "Think Different".

In the last 25 years many product categories have made remarkable progress by providing significantly better products that better meet consumer needs at a lower and lower cost. Not so with incontinence products. There have really only been two major innovations during the last quarter century - pads for incontinence and pull-on underwear. All the rest have been incremental innovations, proliferating the category with line extensions, and worse yet creating a category of confusion when it comes to communicating features and benefits of these so called new products.

This presentation will attempt to provide the causes for this lack of innovation within the incontinence category and suggest some solutions. Most importantly, I will provide thoughts on what manufacturers can do to aggressively now to drive development of new and improved products that better meet consumers' needs. I come at this from a unique perspective...
● Former global president of Kimberly-Clark's incontinence and feminine care businesses
● Started (and sold) a national direct to consumer retail business which sold 650 incontinence supplies
● Consulted with many manufacturers in product development and positioning of new and improved incontinence products through CenterBrain Partners.