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Market Manager, Bostik, Inc.

Dana Ray is the North America Market Manager for Bostik's Global Nonwovens division. Dana has over 18 years of experience in product and market management in industrial, B2B markets, including automotive and tape and label. Ms. Ray is currently responsible for using in-depth market insight to develop market growth strategies and bring innovative, highly valued products to Bostik's customers in the North America hygiene market. Ms. Ray received her degree in Business Economics & Public Policy from Indiana University.
Wednesday 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Haptics For a Competitive Advantage

Adhesives for Agile Design and Production

An agile manufacturing floor is essential to adapt rapidly to evolutions in disposable hygiene materials and equipment. Unfortunately, not all adhesive technology has kept up. In fact, some adhesives can actually limit the ability to incorporate new money-saving and performance-enhancing advancements. With newer substrates and elastics, manufacturers can experience distortion, burn through, overspray and bleedthrough. New materials can also create inconsistent adhesive performance across line application systems and equipment. And, though the new materials may offer the ability to reduce costs via improved change in operational parameters, such as lower temperatures or faster line speeds, these changes could result in a costly decrease in adhesive performance. Learn about a game changing new adhesive that offers you greater material and production flexibility.