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Sales Manager, Spoolex SAS

Pierre Croutelle has been working for Spoolex for more than 6 years.

Within the Spoolex organization, Pierre is in charge of promoting Calemard® technical solutions in the Textile and Nonwoven sectors; he has been very active in promoting the Pegase, Calemard® slitting & spooling lines specially designed for the ADL producers.

Today, he is going to present the latest development on this equipment, engineered to respond to the market's need for productivity improvement.
Pierre Croutelle is a French Sales Engineer with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from the University of Grenoble. Previously, Pierre worked for more than 20 years in promoting other types of industrial equipment in different fields on many geographical territories.

Wednesday 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Material & Technology Advancements III

How Optimized Spooling Processes and Global Solutions Can Improve Productivity and Safety

Higher productivity and worker safety is paramount. Many industries are desperately looking for technical solutions to achieve these two goals. Learn how spooling technology and automated solutions can help your organization become more competitive while keeping workers safer:

●Benefits of spooling versus conventional rewinding

●Minimal operator handling

●From the mother roll to the final product

●Novel developments for greater efficiency

●Ultrasonic splicing to protect operators while avoiding additional material inputs