Robinson » » » Jim Robinson

Technical Specialist, BASF Corporation

35 years' experience in the chemical industry at BASF (via several acquisitions) focused on pulp and paper chemistry (10 years) and superabsorbent polymers (25 years).  Contributor on several patents related to pulp bleaching (related to mechanical pulps) and superabsorbent polymers (hygiene and industrial applications).  Current position is Manager of Technical Service for BASF Corp, Hygiene Business.

Wednesday 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Material & Technology Advancements II

SAVIVA and 3D-ADL: A Synergistic Fit!

SAVIVA superabsorbent polymers exhibit superior wicking properties vs. state-of-the-art superabsorbents. This new feature enables rapid dewatering of acquisition distribution layers. Extensive lab tests have shown that there are very interesting synergistic effects to be observed due to this new wicking feature. In classical experience a faster acquisition time is typically resulting in higher rewets, whereas better rewets often come with slower acquisition times. Hence, the desirable optimization of both properties: low rewet + fast acquisition is a technical challenge. Interestingly, the combination of good wicking SAVIVA superabsorbents with 3D-ADLs shows that such a synergistic effect can be indeed observed. The extensive lab work has also shown that it is essential to use the right combination of 3D-ADL with SAVIVA to get the best effects. The present work helps to develop a better understanding of the new SAVIVA technology in use as well as the opportunity that is provided in the combination with 3D-ADLs.