Rocha Jerry Rocha

President, Creative Machine Designs, Inc.

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Jerry Rocha is president of Creative Machine Designs, Inc, an engineering firm located in Derry, New Hampshire that specializes in the development of proprietary processes for the manufacture of hook and loop fasteners.

Prior to starting Creative Machine Designs, Jerry was the manager of advanced manufacturing engineering for Bose Corporation developing new methods for the fabrication and assembly of home audio systems.

Prior to working at Bose Corporation, Jerry was the director of process development for Velcro Group Corporation.  In this role he developed methods for molding high performance hook fasteners for use in consumer, medical, automotive and infant care fields. 

He worked extensively on the first application of touch fasteners for use as closures on disposable diapers.  The processes he developed are still being used today by Velcro Group Corporation in the production of their hook products.

He has extensive knowledge in the field of touch fasteners, related processes and machinery and is listed as inventor on numerous US patents and foreign patents relating to this field.

Tuesday 2:00 pm - 3:50 pm
Machinery Advancements

Forming Hook Fasteners Using Ultrasonics

The use of hook and loop fasteners (or "touch fasteners") as side tab closures has become a key feature on virtually all disposable diaper products currently on the market. Although a number of new fastening tape suppliers have entered the field, few significant technical improvements have been implemented to these closures since the introduction of touch fasteners. Traditionally, the hook side of the touch fastener is supplied in roll form and bonded to diaper side tabs or other substrates using ultrasonic welding technology. In this presentation a new technology is introduced that uses ultrasonics to form the fastening hooks directly onto or as part of the substrate itself. Aesthetically appealing, high performance fasteners are economically produced in situ, eliminating the need to purchase, ship, inventory and apply molded hook fasteners. This revolutionary technology will permit the creation of hooks or other fastening elements from films, fabrics, nonwovens and various laminates. The technology allows engineered fastening elements to be formed in a broad variety of patterns and locations on a substrate providing better draping, softer edges and enhanced conformability.