Conference Speakers

Richard Al Hadi
Postdoctoral Scholar, UCLA
Electronic Sensors for Quality Control Applications for Nonwoven Products
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Simon Browne
Manager Strategic Business Unit, Freudenberg Performance Materials
From Moisture Management to Water Blocking: FREUDENBERG INNOVATING TOGETHER
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Bob Carney
Director Of SMART Technology, Xerium Technologies, Inc.
Patented SMART® Machine Automation Technology Now Measures Nip Intensity in Real Time for Nonwovens Manufacturers
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Chuck Carr
Sr. Director Global Olefins, IHS Chemical
Raw Material for Nonwovens: The What, the Where, the Who....and the Future
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Alexandre Correa
New Business Executive Manager, Suzano Pulp & Paper
BEKP FLUFF PULP: Product Developments and Short-Fiber Benefits for Nonwoven and Absorbent Products
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Debbie Dekleva
Wild Idea Cultivator, Monarch Flyway
Milking a Weed: Past, Present and Future of Milkweed Fiber
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Melik Demirel
Professor Of Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
A Revolution in Nonwoven Fabrics: Self-healing Biopolymers
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Judson Fidler
Technical Customer Service Manager, Suzano Pulp And Paper
BEKP FLUFF PULP: Product Developments and Short-Fiber Benefits for Nonwoven and Absorbent Products
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James Henry
Senior Research Engineer, Arkema Inc.
Kynar® Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Meltblown Fibers
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Brad Kalil
Director Of Market Research And Statistics, INDA, Association Of The Nonwoven Fabrics Industry
How Technology Drives Demand in the Nonwovens Markets
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Neda Keshavarzi
Postdoctoral Researcher, Max-Planck Institute Of Colloids And Interfaces
Nanocellulose-Zeolite Composite Films for Odor Elimination
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Rick Klaus
Technical Sales, Osprey Corporation
Airflow System Design, Air-Balancing and System Optimization for the Hygienic-Converting- and Nonwovens Industry
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Alexander Koukoulas
Technology & Innovation Strategist, A2K Consultants
Wet-laid Forming: Where Do We Go from Here?
Dinner with Industry Thought Leaders
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Nicholas Mallos
Director-Trash Free Seas, Ocean Conservancy
Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind: The Unintended Consequences of Microfibers in the Ocean
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Andrew Maxey
Founder & President, Vartega Carbon Fiber Recycling LLC
Recycled Carbon Fiber: Evaluation of Applications in Nonwovens
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Ronald Pangrazi
Director, Engineered Fabrics Technology, Wacker Chemical Corporation
Assessment of Flushable Wipes — A 'Fatberg' Ate My Baby
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Peter Ricchiuti
Assistant Dean Of Freeman School Of Business School And Professor Of Practice, Tulane University
Oils Well That End Well—An Insider's Look at the Economy
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Jerry Rocha
President, Creative Machine Designs, Inc.
Forming Hook Fasteners Using Ultrasonics
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Sophia Shelanski
Director Of Operations, Product Investigations Inc.
Textiles and the Skin: Human Testing for Product Safety and Clinical Performance
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