Klaus Rick Klaus

Technical Sales, Osprey Corporation

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Rick Klaus was born in Green Bay, WI and has worked over 35 years in the nonwoven disposables market and tissue market as a sales and management professional. He started his education in the tissue market as a production employee at the former Fort Howard Paper Company in 1972, prior to his service in the US Navy. After leaving the service he began his career working 17 years with Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) in Green Bay, WI. Where he pursued his BS in Business graduating from Lakeland College, in 1986. While at PCMC Rick traveled extensively selling PCMC's complete range of equipment for disposables, tissue, and printing. In 1995 Rick moved into a sales management role in the adhesive equipment sector working nearly 20 years with Nordson Corporation.  Retiring from Nordson in March of 2015, Rick was pulled back into the industry by Osprey Corporation, a leading supplier in the process air handling industry.

Wednesday 3:45 pm - 5:00 pm
Innovative Hygiene Technology III

Airflow System Design, Air-Balancing and System Optimization for the Hygienic-Converting- and Nonwovens Industry

The proper focus on an efficient 'Air-System Design' is a critical aspect for a successful operation of a modern hygienic- and nonwoven-production-line. This paper provides an illustrated summary regarding the design, balancing, effective trouble-shooting and maintenance aspects of the process-air related systems utilized in our industry (core-forming, web-forming, dust control, pneumatic transportation, trim handling, material separation systems, dust filtration systems etc.). In summary, the content of this paper will support you in your ongoing efforts to achieve an overall better system efficiency, with less electrical energy consumption, less dust exposure to operators and the environment, and better process control (to achieve a better quality final product within less weight variations and overall less raw material consumptions).