Carney Bob Carney

Director Of SMART Technology, Xerium Technologies, Inc.

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Bob Carney graduated with a BSEE degree from Marquette University.  He worked as an electrical designer for Curwood Bemis and later worked for Valmet/Metso for 12 years during which he designed control systems on supercalenders and coaters and was also a calendar roll cover product manager.  In 2005, Bob began working for Xerium (Stowe Woodward) as a composite calender roll product manager and became the Director of SMART Roll Technology in 2013.

Tuesday 2:00 pm - 3:50 pm
Machinery Advancements

Patented SMART® Machine Automation Technology Now Measures Nip Intensity in Real Time for Nonwovens Manufacturers

Proven analytics technology to measure nip intensity in real time on paper machines is now delivering significant benefits to nonwovens manufacturers. It is critical that nonwovens manufacturers who emboss, calender or laminate products, online or offline, know that the pressure in the nip is consistent for the best quality _ SMART Technology is the only way to have that instant and accurate visibility into the nip. With more than 550 SMART® Technology applications installed in a wide range of nipped roll applications within the pulp, paper, paperboard, and tissue industry, manufacturers across the globe are saving millions of dollars. This paper will discuss how this unique and patented technology operates; show the available and proven benefits of this technology and cash savings for the nonwoven industry. This paper will also include evidence and analysis from a current nonwoven installation where SMART® automation technology is delivering real time nip measurements in a rubber covered calender back up roll position.