Geus Hans-Georg Geus

Technical Director, Reifenhauser REICOFIL GmbH & Co. KG

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Tuesday 2:00 pm - 3:50 pm
Machinery Advancements

Technical Nonwovens Based on Spunlaid and Melt Blown Technologies

One step technologies from polymeric resin into Nonwoven roll goods are well known as Spunlaid Technologies. In today's market mainly Spunbond and Melt Blown are processes used for producing Nonwoven roll goods for technical Nonwovens. For smaller fiber diameter especially in filtration applications, technologies based on melt blown in combination with additional electrostatic or dynamics forces or combinations with centrifugal forces are used. Other than in the hygienic market place technical nonwovens are no 'simple' thermobonded nonwovens. Lots of these technical Nonwovens are bonded by other thermic methods, needle punching, spunlacing or chemical treatments. In addition are laminates of several different Nonwoven sheets bonded or glued together in use. The bonding technologies are adapted to the different Nonwoven layers used. They can be all the way from thermic methods, ultrasonic to microwave methods. The surface of technical Nonwovens has to have adapted properties. Surface treatments with chemical treatments are commonly in use.

The need for more technical Nonwovens is more than obvious. Events like IDEA grow each year and the numbers of shows around the world are increasing every year and showing the increasing need for technical Nonwovens and the increasing number of possible technologies.

Existing manufacturing techniques are adapted for the need of technical nonwovens or developed into better nonwoven properties. One of the main developments is the homogeneity of the nonwovens. New base materials like polymeric resins or fibers and filaments out of renewable resources are coming into the market. Technologies adapted to this resins have been developed and will be developed further on.