Momen Ayyoub Momen

Research Engineer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Dr. Ayyoub M. Momen, a research and development staff member at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is a successful scholar in thermal fluid sciences, specifically drying, magnetocaloric refrigeration, advanced thermodynamic cycles, turbomachinery, heat transfer, energy storage, two-phase flows, and high-temperature thermochemical conversion. In 2015, he received the highly competitive Early Career Researcher Award at ORNL, and he has received an appreciation certification from the assistant US Secretary of Energy. He has provided extensive leadership to large interdisciplinary research projects. He is currently Principal Investigator of four multidisciplinary projects and heavily involved in many others as a co-PI. He has more than 40 publications, 7 patents, and several invention disclosures.

Tuesday 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Moisture Management

Drying Nonwoven Webs by Mechanical Vibration and Not Heat

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers in conjunction with General Electric (GE) Appliances have developed the world's first ultrasonic clothes dryer that could forever change the concept of drying technology. As such, the technology is also being investigated for its potential use in manufacturing as an energy efficient method to drying nonwoven webs. This novel approach uses high-frequency mechanical vibrations instead of heat to extract moisture in the form of cold mist, dramatically reducing drying time and energy use. This technology is expected to be up to five times more efficient than today's products and will dry materials in half the time. In this presentation the following topics will be covered:
• Background of drying technologies
• The novel direct contact ultrasonic drying
• Development progress
• Potential Applications


Technical Textiles
Technical Textiles