Sullivan Hardy Sullivan

VP Market Development, Crypton Inc.

Hardy is a North Carolina native but has been fortunate enough to have a career in textiles that has taken him both south to Georgia and north to Michigan. The first half of his career was spent at Collins and Aikman where he developed knit and woven upholstery for the automotive industry. For the past decade he has worked at Crypton, the leading producer of high-performance commercial furnishing fabrics. Hardy works with the team of chemists and engineers that develop innovative surface modification technologies for a variety of substrates. Nanotex, a division of Crypton, focuses on apparel, and Crypton has offerings in upholstery, wall and mattress fabrics, leather and vinyl. Hardy has a BS in Textile Management from NC State and a MS in Textile Technology from the Institute of Textile Technology. A large portion of Hardy's time is devoted to ensuring products are designed with the environment in mind. He is on the joint committee that developed the industry's sustainability standard for commercial fabrics, is a board member of the Synthetic Yarn and Fabric Association, and has authored technical reports for the National Council of Textile Organizations. US Textiles is providing Hardy a challenging, meaningful career. He is intent on giving back to the communities and industry that make it possible.

Tuesday 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Moisture Management

Novel Surface Modification Technologies for Moisture Management

Dry Inside is a cost-effective, patented system that enables a variety of textile substrates to transport moisture away from the skin to the outside of the fabric where the moisture is rapidly disperse. The result is improved comfort and reduced skin irritation and chafing. Hardy will provide an overview of how this novel system works, how it is currently being used by apparel companies and discuss its employment in other nonwoven applications where moisture management and skin health are key concerns.


Technical Textiles
Technical Textiles