Kulshrestha Aman Kulshrestha

Principal Scientist, NatureWorks LLC

Aman Kulshrestha has a synthetic chemist background from PhD and postdoctoral work. She worked on impurity profiling in a pharmaceutical industry for 2 years and has been with NatureWorks for over 5 years. Aman enjoys leading project teams with focus on both process and product related developments. She is interested in evaluating alternative chemistries to improve polymer manufacturing process and diversify product portfolio. She actively seeks training on polymer processing and rheology to assist her role in developing new processes to improve polymer properties such as melt strength, adhesion, and surface energy.

Wednesday 10:45 am - 12:15 pm
Advanced Materials - Performance

Sustainable Innovation with PLA Fibers - Hygiene & Beyond

With PLA, surface energy can be tailored to provide hydrophobic as well as hydrophilic properties. Hydrophilic fabrics have demonstrated superior fluid management and durability over typical incumbents. Customized morphology can deliver permanence as desired. Performance coupled with skin health benefits make PLA fibers a unique choice to design sustainable solutions for various applications.


Technical Textiles
Technical Textiles