Hao Ping Hao

VP Technology, Uniquetex LLC

Ping Hao is the VP of Technology with Uniquetex, LLC. She has over 25 years of extensive knowledge and practical experience in nonwoven and textile technologies, product and application development, process and manufacturing improvement, technical service, analytical instrument, and others. She also has expertise in nanotechnology, spunmelt, spunlace, thru-air bond, lamination, mechanical and chemical finishing, and structural composites. She has previously worked for Berry Global (formerly PGI) for about 15 years and served as a primary inventor for many core filtration products such as Everist™, Durapex®, Aquapex™ and Ultraloft® that not only brought industrial awards and patents, but most importantly resulted in significant sales revenue and profit for the company. She has a proven track record of innovative product development and successful commercialization, covering a wide range of industrial, medical, automotive, and packaging applications. She has had many publications and has been awarded seven patents.

Wednesday 10:45 am - 12:15 pm
Advanced Materials - Performance

Advanced Elastomerics Exhibiting Superior Stretch and Recovery Properties

Our innovative elastic nonwoven fabrics are made with our proprietary spunbond technology using polyolefin-based resin. They are incredibly elastic, ultrathin, highly breathable, super soft and very skin friendly. The unique characteristics of our soft-stretchy nonwoven fabrics enable not only to simplify manufacturing processes through eliminating elastic band, glue-spray, elastic band pull, position, cut and sew steps, but also by improving productivity and reducing overall manufacturing cost significantly for many hygienic, medical and industrial products. The superior stretch and recovery properties meet the industry needs of providing a form-fitting and highly breathable barrier for a variety of applications where the unique processability and excellent elastic properties can be utilized. Additionally, combining special resin with other additives can further extend and enhance the product attributes and broaden its applications.


Technical Textiles
Technical Textiles