Nikinmaa Miika Nikinmaa

PhD Student, The Nonwovens Institute

Miika Nikinmaa is third year PhD student in the nonwovens institute and has been working with foam forming for three years. Miika completed his masters degree in science in Aalto University in Finland focusing on novel biodegradable products and project management.

Miika's expertise are in nonwoven processes, wet-lay (both synthetic and cellulosic fibers), foams, foam-forming, surface science, wet end chemistry, polymer chemistry and novel natural nanofibers (nano-/microfibrillated cellulose, bacterial nanocellulose and microcrystalline nanocellulose) 

Wednesday 3:00 pm - 4:45 pm
Wetlaid Nonwovens

Recent Trends in Wetlaying with Complex Fluids


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