Morgan Randall Morgan

Sr. Research Scientist, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Randall Morgan is a research scientist and engineer in the Global Nonwovens group at Kimberly-Clark, where he is responsible for material and process development. Morgan has been with Kimberly-Clark for 25 years, working in a variety of engineering, production and R&D capacities. He has a master's degree in Polymer Science and holds multiple patents in nonwovens.

Wednesday 7:30 pm
Dine With Industry Thought Leaders

Thursday 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Important New Technologies

New Nonwovens Platforms for the Household Cleaning Market

Today's household consumers have exacting demands of the cleaning products they use. Nowhere is this more apparent than with wet wipes. Wipes are called upon to deliver a range of attributes: strength, softness (to the skin), absorbency, and cleaning power. Nonwoven base sheets have been developed to provide one or two of these attributes, but until recently, none have provided all of these attributes in one wipe. A new innovation from Kimberly-Clark Professional Partnership Products overcomes the limitations of single-attribute wipes. This is the first wet wipe substrate made of both a meltblown component and a HYDROKNIT* Material component. The dual-texture meltblown component provides wipes with a "scrubby" side for extra cleaning power, while the HYDROKNIT* Material component provides strength, absorbency, and a cloth-like feel. This gives consumers the scouring power they need, while remaining soft to the touch and gentle on surfaces. This presentation will review the market demand that led to the development of this new meltblown-HYDROKNIT nonwoven and will discuss the unique production process used to manufacture it.